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Beekeeper Randy Oliver Joins Oliver Scholars As Interim Communications Director

Randy Oliver grew up during the hippy and environmental movements in Southern California. This experience shaped his values and approach to beekeeping; he remains skeptical when new trends appear and refuses to join without evidence or facts supporting them.

He focuses on breeding hives that are resistant to mite infestation, using oxalic acid pads in his hives as part of this effort.

Early Life and Education

Moshe Crone joined Oliver Scholars as Interim Communications Director in August 2019. With her passion for young people and years of experience in production, event coordination, marketing, and high-level sales she brings invaluable skillsets to Oliver Scholars.

Randy, a geologist and drunkard-turned-masturbator is often featured as being at the root of many issues on the show. He develops an unhealthy obsession with masturbating; once, for instance, this led him to watch as the woman he masturbed on took off her bra while they masturbed together.

As well as his arrests for drunk driving and cheating, and having his job threatened on several occasions, he has had his testicles surgically replaced due to self-induced testicular cancer during season 14’s “Medicinal Fried Chicken”. In these episodes he wears deep blue pajamas with long-sleeved shirt and slippers for comfort.

Professional Career

Randy Oliver brings years of non-profit sector experience, having held roles such as 12th grade humanities teacher, Program Director at YWCA of New York, Youth Development Coordinator and Manager of College Programs at Harlem Educational Activities Fund.

Oliver Scholars was established on his belief that all students deserve access to quality education regardless of background or zip code. For this reason, he began teaching.

Massiel Ramirez strives to empower students as Scholar Success Advisor, inspiring them to excel and become future leaders of our community. She finds fulfillment from helping others, especially youth. Massiel also enjoys traveling and experiencing different cultures.

Achievement and Honors

Randy Oliver of Holywood Crawford Door Company received the Lifetime Achievement award from the Greater San Antonio Builder’s Association (GSABA). As President, Oliver has been an active member of GSABA for more than three decades.

Oliver believes relationships are the cornerstone of educational success and has fostered strong bonds between himself and his students. He utilizes restorative justice to hold students accountable and repair any harm done to others – an approach which has drastically enhanced both school culture and student success.

Excellent endings:

Personal Life

Randy Oliver was raised in Southern California during the peak of hippy and environmental movements. He grew his own food, used wood heat for heating purposes, and attempted to live as close to ecologically sustainable ways as possible. Additionally, he worked nights and weekends at restaurants and construction to cover his costs at college.

He has earned several accolades, such as three Primetime Emmys and a Writers Guild of America award for his work on The Daily Show and Last Week Tonight, in addition to co-hosting The Bugle Podcast alongside Andy Zaltzman.

Laury hails from Harlem and was an HEOP student in 2016. As part of Oliver Scholars in 2019, Laury became a Scholar Success Advisor dedicated to supporting youth from marginalized communities on their academic journeys.

Net Worth

Oliver is an outgoing character that can often be found at the cinema in Dialtown. He often uses outdated lingo, and tends to exude confidence. Mr Dickens serves as his surrogate father; through their mentorship he developed a sense of unapologetic self-reliance.

Oliver boasts a net worth of $35 Million and earns an annual salary of $8 Million from his work on “The Daily Show” and “Last Week Tonight”. He credits Armando Iannucci, David Letterman, Monty Python and Jon Stewart as comedic influences.

He investigatedd the Miss America organization, renowned for their scholarship program that is purported to be one of the largest worldwide, only to discover that only a fraction of it actually goes toward women – which drew praise from experts for his investigation.

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