Return Of The Jedi Movie Poster

Return of the Jedi Movie Poster

Among the many Star Wars movie posters that have been released over the years is the return of the Jedi movie poster. This poster has several versions including the international version without the white border, the style B version with the titled lettering in white, and the studio release version. Although all versions are similar, they can have subtle differences in their design and condition. Some of the more prominent imperfections can be seen on the fold lines and margins. There is also minor wear in the black area below the Leia image and in the upper left corner.

Return of the Jedi movie posters can often show signs of reprinting. This can be seen by fold lines and a cloudy color. You should also pay attention to the paper weight. If it is very heavy, it may have been reprinted multiple times. The Return of the Jedi movie poster can be a great investment for fans of the star wars series.

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