Reynolds Landscaping

Reynolds Landscaping of Key West, Florida is an award-winning garden and landscape company known for their impressive projects showcasing lush flora and beautiful design elements. Their 10 full time family members work within their company from sales to management roles.

Reynolds’ work has been recognized by renowned environmentalist Jane Goodall. Additionally, Reynolds wrote an instructional memoir which promotes sustainable gardening through “forest gardening”, including terms and symbols from Celtic Paganism.

Early Life and Education

Reynolds originally provided his plants by mail order across the US. As demand increased for plants that could be selected in person, he realized his operation should move into a garden center setting and decided to transition.

Reynolds designed for the long term by considering how plantings would look and function immediately post construction as well as how they may change over time. She used sabal palmetto trees as an elegant feature in Florida coastal estate’s circular driveway while using tropical flora with low water use requirements.

Reynolds operates out of his second-story office on Duval Street with a ping pong table as his conference table and two landscape architects as staff. At any one time, there are around 25 jobs either being designed or constructed within his portfolio.

Professional Career

Reynolds is an award-winning gardener and landscape designer specializing in the creation of wild woodland gardens. Her style relies on sustainable gardening practices – such as “forest gardening” – which she promotes through writing. Reynolds also feels an affinity with Irish landscape through the terms and symbols associated with Celtic Paganism.

Reynolds has over 15 years of experience working in the landscaping industry. Her portfolio encompasses both residential and commercial works, along with design. Her knowledge includes soils, plants and the installation process.

Reynolds Landscaping, LLC is a privately-owned landscaping service provider located in Belpre, Ohio that serves customers across the United States with trees, shrubs, seeds, bulbs, flowers, mulches and garden supplies.

Achievement and Honors

Reynolds has received many honors throughout his life for both his professional work and personal achievements. These include winning the American Solar Energy Society Passive Pioneer Award and becoming an Honorary Fellow of Cascadia Region US Green Building Council.

Reynolds is also an author, having published a book advocating sustainable horticulture practices such as forest gardening and Celtic paganism. This work was highly commended by such luminaries in the field as Sir Tim Smit and anthropologist Jane Goodall.

Reynolds is also a passionate community leader and employee, honoring his talented and hardworking professionals with quarterly Property Owners Association’s Leader and Employee of the Year awards. Joe Sama, landscape director for POA and Ashley Jeffords, marketing communications assistant both received this recognition in 2015 for their exceptional contributions to community life as well as dedication to Reynolds’ mission.

Personal Life

Mary Reynolds is an Irish gardener, landscape designer and public activist. She became the youngest person ever to win a gold medal at the Chelsea Flower Show and is widely known for using common weeds as part of her gardens’ displays. Mary maintains an intense connection with nature through Celtic terms and symbols found throughout her designs.

Reynolds Landscape specializes in the creation of fantasy worlds using boulders and rockeries, offering stone and boulder stairways for sloped land as well as fire pits built specifically to fit. Furthermore, Reynolds has extensive experience installing paver patios, flagstone walkways, massive boulder sitting walls and more!

Reynolds Landscape understands that their relationship with clients doesn’t end once construction has concluded and therefore provides a comprehensive maintenance plan in order to provide full spectrum of services for their clientele.

Net Worth

How much does Mary Reynolds (landscape designer) make per Instagram post?

Stay informed with Mary Reynolds’ net worth updates for free! She is an Irish gardener, author, and landscape designer known for her gardening, landscaping and activism work. At Chelsea Flower Show she made history when she became the youngest contestant ever to take home gold medal.

BuildZoom does not guarantee the quality of work provided by contractors; however, it provides consumers with financial recourse if they are dissatisfied with their project results. J Reynolds Landscaping Llc is licensed and insured with Ironshore Indemnity Inc and holds a $6,000 bond through them.

Reynolds Landscape Co employees typically make an average annual salary of approximately $70593, though this will differ based on factors like their role, industry sector, department and location.

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