Riches Score

Riches is a drama which follows an African-American family’s life from birth through adulthood in Miami and beyond, covering family relationships and crime issues in this city while emphasizing perseverance and hard work as key values.

Riches soundtrack features soothing ambient music with undulating pads, lush nature sounds, and an incredible slide guitar soundscape.

Achievement and Honors

Shaiman won the Hollywood Music in Media Award for Best Original Score on Some Like It Hot, which garnered 13 Tony nominations and also garnered nominations for both Grammy and ASCAP Composers’ Choice awards.

MoneyManLegit’s “Rags to Riches” song is an upbeat tribute that documents his journey from poverty and despair to wealth and success, while acknowledging a higher power for their current blessings.

Personal Life

Music about riches often touches upon the dangers associated with wealth acquisition and how it can alter one’s life. Gwen Stefani’s song “Rich Girl” provides an example of this by detailing how daydreaming about being Rich can damage relationships, while reminding listeners that real richness comes from within us all and not material wealth alone. Furthermore, listeners are reminded to seek wealth beyond money alone and that love should take priority.

Meek Mill and Ludacris both discuss how they attained their wealth through hard work. “Hook” compares his status with carrying money around in an armored vehicle while “Big Homie’s” song brags about acting twice as old because of his wealth. Both advise that true wealth comes from hard work combined with risk-taking.

Net Worth

Net worth measures the value of one or more assets (like cash savings, investments and home value) less liabilities ( such as debt). It gives an indication of where someone stands financially; budgeting tools can use net worth calculations as an indicator to create budgets, influence wise spending habits and encourage debt reduction. It can also serve as an indicator of a company’s health as lenders consider its net worth when making loan approval decisions.

Calculating your net worth involves listing everything you own – such as cars and houses as well as investment accounts – before subtracting your debts such as mortgages, credit card balances or student loans. To increase your net worth further, either reduce spending beyond income earned or invest more into assets with long-term growth potential.

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