Robert Shapiro Net Worth

Robert Shapiro amassed his net worth through an outstanding career as a lawyer and founding LegalZoom, an online legal documents provider offering various legal documents and services.

His exceptional legal skills and strategic thinking have propelled his success. Additionally, he is actively engaged in charitable endeavors. Born in 1942 and attending Hamilton High School and UCLA before enrolling at Loyola University of Los Angeles to study law.

Early Life and Education

Robert Shapiro was born September 2 in Plainfield, New Jersey. After attending Hamilton High School and UCLA – receiving his undergraduate degree in Finance and Marketing before enrolling at Loyola Law School to study law – Robert went on to earn a law degree at Loyola.

As part of his legal career, he represented high-profile cases such as OJ Simpson’s trial. Additionally, he represented celebrities like Johnny Carson and Eva Longoria. Furthermore, he co-founded LegalZoom which provides online legal documents and services.

His success in court and investments have contributed to his wealth. Additionally, he actively advocates for social causes and contributes to Op-Ed pieces. Furthermore, he has written children’s book and established the Brent Shapiro Foundation – an anti-drug awareness charity.

Professional Career

Shapiro launched his legal career after graduating from Loyola Law School, quickly becoming one of the leading criminal defense attorneys. He gained prominence during OJ Simpson’s 1995 murder trial for his strategic legal acumen; today his client list boasts notable celebrities and athletes alike.

As part of his business ventures, he ventured into LegalZoom – an online legal service providing affordable legal documents and services – as a co-founder. Furthermore, he established ShoeDazzle – an innovative shoe subscription service.

Success in both legal and business arenas have contributed to his $100 million net worth. His unique cultural background has allowed him to navigate complex legal cases successfully and persuade juries with his compelling pleas for justice, and has also given him an exclusive perspective on each client he works with.

Achievement and Honors

Shapiro has earned widespread acclaim throughout his decades-long legal and wealth building career, drawing accolades and admiration from those across all walks of life for his exceptional legal work and wealth-building initiatives. A tireless advocate for civil justice, this legal luminary serves as an admired role model and source of motivation to aspiring lawyers as well as those seeking justice in our nation’s courts.

Lawyer Howard Hassell has represented high-profile clients like OJ Simpson, Jose Canseco and Winona Ryder. Additionally, he is widely known as the founder of LegalZoom – an online legal services provider which allows individuals to easily create legal documents like living trusts, real estate contracts and copyright registrations.

He married Linell Thomas in 1970, and has two sons named Brent and Grant. As an active philanthropist, he established the Brent Shapiro Foundation to raise drug awareness. Furthermore, he enjoys golf and travelling.

Personal Life

Shapiro has taken advantage of his legal career to invest in various business ventures such as LegalZoom and ShoeDazzle – both highly profitable ventures which have substantially added to his net worth.

Author of multiple legal books on various legal topics, his most well-known being “The Search for Justice: A Defense Attorney’s Brief on the OJ Simpson Case”, providing insight into high-profile legal disputes.

Shapiro has been married to Linell Thomas since 1970 and they share two sons, Grant and Brent. Following Brent’s untimely death due to drug addiction, he founded the Brent Shapiro Foundation for Alcohol and Drug Awareness; additionally he’s actively engaged in charitable giving through contributions such as giving to United Way of Southern California.

Net Worth

Robert Shapiro was born in Plainfield, New Jersey on September 2, 1942. Renowned for his legal acumen and experience, Robert is also an engaging public speaker who has appeared on multiple television programs.

His impressive resume includes representing high-profile clients such as Johnny Carson and Eva Longoria, in addition to defending OJ Simpson during his infamous 1995 murder trial. Thanks to his exceptional legal acumen and persuasive presentation abilities, Simpson was eventually found not guilty.

Shapiro is also co-founder of LegalZoom, an online legal service providing access to affordable legal documents. His normal height and personable demeanor makes him relatable for jurors and media alike, which has further advanced his career and credibility in the legal world. With an unwavering belief in justice for all, he remains at the helm of LegalZoom with an unbreakable focus.

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