Rod Cameron Net Worth

Rod Cameron was an esteemed TV Actor. Born December 7th 1910, his estimated Net Worth ranges between $1-5 Million due to his primary career in television acting.

He appeared on many syndicated series such as City Detective and State Trooper. Additionally, he made numerous guest appearances on popular western series such as Bonanza and Laramie.

Early Life and Education

Rod Cameron was born on 7-Dec-1910 in Calgary, Alberta and died at 73 on 21st December 1983. He amassed an estimated net worth between $1-5 Million as a professional TV Actor.

His rugged good looks and deep voice made him an immensely popular Western movie hero during the 1940s and ’50s. Although initially cast as a stand-in and stuntman, soon enough he became one of the primary leads.

He was well known for his performances in numerous action dramas, war films, serials and even horror and sci-fi flicks; however, westerns were the genre that best represented him.

He appeared as the protagonist in three syndicated television series – City Detective (1953-55), State Trooper (1956-1959) and Coronado 9 (1959). Additionally, he made appearances as guest stars on many other programs.

Professional Career

Cameron first began in film as a stuntman and stand-in for such iconic Western stars as Fred MacMurray. Unfortunately, his first speaking part landed him on the cutting room floor; nonetheless he quickly found himself as a Paramount contract player.

His breakthrough role came in 1943 with his portrayal of Agent Rex Bennett battling foreign threats on Republic serial cliffhangers G-Men vs. the Black Dragon and Secret Service in Darkest Africa.

Cameron first appeared on television as a regular cast member on NBC’s western TV series Bonanza in 1947, appearing regularly through 1949 in various outdoor action movies for Monogram Pictures as well as two drama/western movies produced by Allied Artists: Panhandle for them and Stage to Tucson from Universal.

Achievement and Honors

Rod Cameron has gone beyond acting to become involved with education as well. He served as Chair of Fanshawe College of Trades – an organisation which supports and promotes apprenticeship training across Ontario – which was recently founded.

He has worked closely with numerous students over his long tenure at the college and continues to forge partnerships that provide access to valuable resources for various programs at the institution.

Rod Cameron was born on 7-Dec-10 in Canada. At his death at age 73 he earned most of his income as a TV Actor (profession). He gained prominence through Western films and action serials such as G-men vs. the Black Dragon as well as crime drama series such as State Trooper where his on-screen persona became instantly recognizable to viewers.

Personal Life

Rod Cameron was an esteemed television actor best known for his roles in action serials like G-Men Vs the Black Dragon and crime drama series such as State Trooper. Born December 7, 1910 and passing away at age 73 on December 21, 1983 – Canadian citizenship at that point.

Cameron was known for producing Westerns throughout his career from the 1930s through 1970s, though it also included war films, thrillers and even horror/science fiction flicks. But he is best remembered for westerns.

He returned to Republic in 1948 as a lawman pursuing a gang of thieves in THE PLUNDERERS, while at Allied Artists he played an undercover lawman in BRIMSTONE (1949). Additionally he starred in rugged westerns SAN ANTONE, WOMAN OF THE NORTH COUNTRY BAGONS WEST and PANHANDLE.

Net Worth

Rod Cameron was a Canadian Actor born December 7, 1940 who died on May 29, 2016. At his death he was aged 73 years old.

He built up his net worth as a TV Actor. He gained notoriety for appearing in action serials such as G-Men vs Black Dragon and crime drama series such as State Trooper.

He was also an esteemed director, producing such classic films as Alien and Blade Runner as well as last year’s highly-anticipated Napoleon.

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