Roger Oliver

Roger Oliver – A Rock Star With a Science Degree

Roger Oliver leaves behind three daughters and sons, numerous nieces and nephews, other family members and friends; as well as a legacy of teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and competing in it.

Simon Wolcott was a colonial soldier and captain in the militia who signed on as one of its signers in 1776.

Early Life and Education

Roger Oliver was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. After attending a two-room schoolhouse for colored children, he graduated from Booker T. Washington High School located downtown.

After graduating, he joined the militia during the Revolutionary War period and after. Additionally, he became active in local politics serving various committees dealing with finance, law revisions, and boundary matters.

Penrose made significant scientific contributions over half a century, such as his invention of twistors which have become widespread in electronics today. He pioneered mathematical techniques to verify Einstein’s theory, leading to a revival of gravitation theory; while his recreations, such as those popularised by Escher (i.e. ‘impossible figures’) or the never-repeating patterns known as ‘Penrose tiling’ have left an impactful legacy.

Professional Career

Roger Oliver was a true rock star when it came to musical endeavors, while being a caring father and tireless champion for his children. Additionally, he was an ardent member of Actors Equity Association where he advocated on their behalf against various battles for actor’s rights.

He has worked on projects such as global strategic sourcing, process design, major corporate reorganizations processes, and financial analysis for Fortune 500 companies, military/federal agencies and airlines worldwide.

He loves sailing and has explored numerous locations worldwide. Additionally, he enjoys catching freshwater trout. Furthermore, he plays guitar and enjoys music; has an appreciation of art; and welcomes any and all new experiences as lifelong learning opportunities.

Achievement and Honors

Oliver has pioneered interdisciplinary research combining genetics, mathematics, and physics into groundbreaking scientific concepts with widespread impact. These include twistors – used as the basis for many computing systems – and Penrose tilings made famous by Escher artwork.

He was captain and coach of Bryanston School’s first boat rowing team for three seasons; additionally he has trained both freshmen and junior crews at MIT.

He received the Griffin Society’s Award of Excellence in Teaching, presented to regular faculty members who have demonstrated outstanding dedication and commitment to undergraduate teaching. Additionally, he won the Oliver Hamilton History Award, presented to history majors with the highest GPA.

Personal Life

Oliver was an avid hunter and fisherman as well as an accomplished wood carver, sculptor, and painter. A member of Little Flock Church, he leaves his wife Linda; sons Carroll Lewis (deceased), Roger Lewis, Lessie Mae Collins, Naomi Hightower; grandchildren Delores Williams, Mike Collins Sabrina Patterson Tona Hightower Michael Lynn as well as great grandchildren Wes and Heather Kirkland Travis Charly and Shawn Oliver as well as other relatives and siblings who survive him. He leaves his wife Linda; children Carroll Lewis (deceased), Lessie Mae Collins (deceased); granddaughter Lessie Mae Collins as well as daughters Lessie Mae Collins; grandchildren Delores Williams Mike Collins Mike Collins Sabrina Patterson Tona Hightower as well as great grandchildren Wes and Heather Kirkland as well as Wes,Charly and Shawn Oliver as siblings he leaves behind sisters and brothers he leaves behind along with sister Linda Lewis’ children ‘deceased’ as his siblings as well.

He made several Hammer horror films, as well as Bill Sikes in Oliver!, which won an Academy Award. Additionally, he appeared as Miles Hendon in Crossed Swords co-starring Raquel Welch and Mark Lester from 1977. Additionally he played a villainous swashbuckler character in Terry Gilliam’s The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988). Unfortunately he died peacefully at his Nogales, Arizona residence on May 16th 2022.

Net Worth

Roger takes some time off from work to focus on his personal life, marrying Mirka and welcoming twin daughters Myla Rose and Charlene Riva into the family. Additionally, he travels with his mother to Ethiopia to visit one of the schools supported by his foundation.

Roger returns from his break and kickstarts his recovery with his home tournament in Basel, winning numerous matches against Top Ten players without fear. It shows how successful his rehabilitation has been.

Oliver is best-known for his TikTok content with Lulu, amassing over 15 million followers through their wholesome and entertaining content on the platform. Their signature “Name That Celebrity” challenge videos and other hilarious posts have cemented them both as household names on TikTok.

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