Ronald Pratt

Ronald Pratt – Awarded the AAG Lifetime Achievement Award

Ronald Pratt led an exceptional life. A loving father and husband, he delighted in nurturing meaningful connections, daily routines, and taking weekly family trips to his favorite restaurants.

This BHS collection, processed with Pratt’s assistance, comprises planning documents, proposals, interviews and correspondence related to community development work undertaken over many decades – now accessible for researchers.

Early Life and Education

Ron Pratt benefited immensely from the love and devotion he received from both parents, which provided a solid foundation upon which to build his life. Over time, this provided him with an inexhaustible well of perseverance that helped him meet all his goals in life.

Ron is inspired by California’s natural beauty when creating his watercolor paintings. He excels at using light and color delicately to capture specific moods or feelings in each painting he completes; starting each one by first identifying which mood or feeling they wish to convey before selecting lighting and color schemes that best communicate that message.

Ron has held teaching and mentoring positions at multiple schools over his career. Additionally, he has written many books and articles on leadership and organizational communication. When not at work or writing articles about these subjects, Ron enjoys doing crossword puzzles or playing board games with his family in his free time.

Professional Career

Ron Pratt has been working professionally for quite some time now. His hard work and dedication have paid off handsomely; he boasts an excellent education as well as expertise in his chosen field of work.

His paintings stand out with their distinct style, captivating the eyes of many viewers. His vivid use of color brings out its message very effectively in each work he produces.

He is also a well-known YouTuber with millions of subscribers to his channel, known for producing educational and useful videos that have inspired many viewers. Additionally, he is well known as an urban planner having done much work in that sector.

Achievement and Honors

This award recognizes individuals for their exceptional contributions and impacts in the discipline, nominating individuals in three categories: research & scholarship; teaching; and service to either academia or public service outside academe. Nominees cannot receive an AAG honor twice for any single category nomination.

He previously served on the American Institute for Risk Information’s (AIRI) Board of Directors and as its President. Among other duties, his responsibilities included sitting on committees such as government affairs, annual meeting program planning, breakout and focus group sessions, membership services and membership recruitment and retention.

His brother, Stanley Pratt of Quincy Center, claimed he never knew his brother to cause trouble or become involved in legal disputes. Unfortunately, on Sunday morning they found him dead inside his tent in Weymouth Woods.

Personal Life

Ron was a loving husband to his wife of 49 years and father to three daughters. Additionally, he doted on six grandchildren.

Ron was known for valuing authentic relationships and the simple pleasures of daily routine. His passion lay with animals, helping them thrive. With quick wit and an infectious laugh he was known for leaving things better than they had been.

Ron made his living through YouTube videos featuring him working in emergency services. With over 438,000 subscribers and growing daily, Ron uses other social media accounts such as Twitter to interact with fans while selling merchandise to them.

Net Worth

Ron Pratt, the founder of Pratte Development Company, boasts an astounding net worth of $350 Million. He earned this wealth through hard work and business acumen; first by founding his own construction company that specialized in wood framing and concrete foundations before selling it at an advantageous time during Arizona’s housing boom.

Since selling his company, he has focused on collecting classic cars. His collection has become well-known; at one Scottsdale auction alone he spent more than $50 thousand buying 52 vehicles for his collection – plus purchasing an iconic GM Futurliner bus and 1966 Shelby Cobra Super Snake for himself!

Ron Pratt relishes spending his free time with family. An avid car collector, he enjoys taking his collection out for a spin. Additionally, Ron is known for supporting numerous charitable causes with generous contributions of both time and resources.

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