Sarah Jakes Net Worth

Sarah Jakes is an esteemed American author, speaker and media personality. Her father Bishop T.D. Jakes is known for leading The Potter’s House megachurch in Texas as its pastor. Sarah Jakes began writing at an early age.

She has written several acclaimed books that focus on spirituality, personal growth and empowerment; public speaking engagements bring in significant fees; she serves as editor at eMotions; she even owns her own clothing line titled Woman Evolve!

Early Life and Education

Sarah Jakes Roberts is an award-winning motivational speaker and New York Times Bestselling author who encourages others to face their obstacles and realize their full potential. Additionally, Sarah serves as co-pastor at one of One LA megachurch’s member churches: The Potter’s House at One LA.

She is also an active philanthropist, supporting charitable projects geared toward empowering women, addressing social issues and other worthy causes. It is estimated that her net worth stands at approximately $18 Million.

Her first marriage ended in divorce; soon thereafter she met Pastor Toure Roberts and married him two years later in 2014. Together they have two children: daughter Makenzie and son Isaiah. Additionally, she runs her blog, fashion line and ministry Woman Evolve which empowers women to live fulfilling lives.

Professional Career

Sarah Jakes Roberts is a prominent public speaker and author who inspires many through her messages of hope. She rose to fame after facing several hardships – such as teenage pregnancy. Sarah Jakes Roberts has become a beloved member of religious communities worldwide thanks to her inspiring journey, touching many lives along her way.

Sarah is a best-selling author who has written multiple critically-acclaimed books that have received high ratings on Amazon, contributing significantly to her net worth. Additionally, Sarah serves as pastor at The Potter’s House at One LA and Denver alongside her husband Toure.

Sarah Henson is the mother of three children: Ella is her daughter from her first marriage with former football player Robert Henson; Malachi and Makenson are her two sons from their second.

Achievement and Honors

Sarah Jakes Roberts is an award-winning author, blogger, motivational speaker and pastor. Currently she co-pastors the Potter’s House at One LA and Denver with her husband Toure Roberts.

Her life has had some setbacks, including teenage pregnancy and failed marriage; but she persevered through them all to become a well-known personality renowned for providing spiritual guidance and self-help sermons around the globe.

SJR the Label. Her podcasts and social media accounts have garnered her an avid following and increased her net worth, while hosting motivational shows has provided another source of income. Furthermore, she has written several books including Lost and Found; Finding Hope in the Detours of Life, Dear Mary and Colliding with Destiny – as well as several others that she co-authored herself.

Personal Life

Sarah Jakes Roberts is an American who practices Christianity. Born 17 July 1988 with the zodiac sign Cancer, Sarah Jakes Roberts has become one of the nation’s go-to speakers due to her ability and confidence as an orator; thus commanding a lucrative fee for speeches she gives. Additionally, Sarah established Women Evolve ministry which adds substantially to her net worth.

She currently resides with Toure Roberts and their daughter Makenzie Henson in California, where the pair has dedicated themselves to helping people discover hope and purpose despite life’s obstacles.

Thomas Jakes Jr is her fourth sibling; Jermaine Jakes, Jamar Jakes, Cora Jakes Coleman and Thomas Jakes Jr are her other brothers and sisters. She shares a close bond with all four members and often posts pictures of them on social media. Additionally, Thomas Jakes Jr has traveled widely around the world.

Net Worth

Sarah Jakes Roberts has become an international celebrity as an author, speaker, and founder of Women Evolve ministry. Her rise from early obstacles to success is an inspiring tale of perseverance and resilience; furthermore, her dedication to philanthropic efforts has increased significantly her net worth.

She has become one of the most sought-after motivational speakers thanks to books such as Lost and Found, Don’t Settle for Safe: Embracing Uncomfortability to Unstoppability, Dear Mary: lessons from Jesus Mother for Modern Mothers and Dear Mary. Each speech earns her a substantial fee as she has also launched podcasts and product lines which further boost her income. Alongside these endeavors she co-pastor of The Potter’s House at One LA and Denver with Toure.

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