Savage Race Florida Fall 2022

Savage Race Florida Fall 2022

During the Savage Race Florida fall 2022, teams of truckers will compete in the GORUCK Tough Challenge, a challenging obstacle course that will test their physical and mental strength. In addition, spectators will be able to participate in this event by watching the trucks race through various obstacles.


Taking place on November 12 and 13, the Savage Race is a 25 obstacle challenge designed to test your mettle, and the camaraderie of your teammates. The race will also provide a fun festival for spectators to enjoy. In the spirit of the Savage Race, the venue does not permit pets or coolers of any kind. However, they do allow you to walk the course.

The Savage Race may be a handful of miles long, but you’ll be rewarded with an adrenaline rush that will last for days. The competition is stiff, and the course is littered with world class obstacles designed to test your mettle. The Savage x GoRuck event is also available at select races. This is a collaboration between Savage Race and the GoRuck crew to create a muddy obstacle race that’s fun for both the adults and the kids.

In addition to the Savage x GoRuck, you can also try out the Savage Blitz, which is a 3 mile obstacle course designed for beginners and those with experience. While it may not be as challenging as the main event, the Savage Blitz is still a muddy good time.

Spectator passes

Spectator passes for Savage Race Florida fall 2022 are available at $22 through Friday at 11:59 PM and $30 onsite. Those who register online will receive a voucher for a wristband, which can be used on future Savage Events.

Savage Race is a 5-7 mile obstacle course race that is perfect for those who are looking for a challenge. The course includes obstacles such as mud, fire, barbed wire, and more. Spectators are welcome to walk the course, but not to participate.

Spectators can also take part in the Savage Race festival and buy food and drinks. The festival includes live music and farm tours. The event also features African music and culture. The festival area is much more lively than the Savage course.

Spectators can also purchase Savage Race parking, which is $20 for an individual or $25 for an RV. Parking is available at the venue or at a nearby lot. Parking passes can be purchased onsite, and spectators can also reserve a spot in the parking lot online.


During the Fall 2022 Savage Race in Florida, the obstacles will be a little different. The full course will be 5-7 miles and will feature over 25 obstacles.

The Big Cheese is an obstacle that involves random holes and requires careful foot placement. It is also an obstacle that rewards participants with points for completing it.

Another obstacle on the course is the Twirly Bird. It involves swinging from one grip to another. It is also an obstacle that tests teamwork.

The Savage Race is the national obstacle course race series, hosted by Savage Race in Gainesville, Florida. Savage Race has a big national footprint and hosts dozens of events every year. It is known for its challenging courses and best obstacle obstacles.

There are two Savage Race events in Pasco County. The Spring Savage Race takes place in March and the Fall Savage Race is held in November.

The Fall Savage Race features a course that tests endurance and teamwork. Participants will face obstacles like mud, fire, and world-class obstacles.

GORUCK Tough Challenge

GORUCK Tough Challenge is a ten- to twelve-hour, 15-20-mile ruck. The event is a collaboration between Savage Race and GORUCK. Savage Race is an obstacle race, while GORUCK is an outdoor company that sells a rucksack. The goal of GORUCK is to train users how to use a rucksack in harsh environments.

The GORUCK Tough Challenge is held on the grounds of Savage Race Florida Fall. The events begin at midnight on Friday night before Savage Race. The event includes Savage Race obstacles, as well as an undisclosed physical gauntlet. Athletes are required to carry a minimum of 15 pounds of equipment.

Savage Race GORUCK Tough events are led by a Special Forces Cadre, and are designed to provide athletes with a challenging course in a safe environment. Athletes must complete a waiver before participating in the event. There are several obstacles that are unique to the GORUCK Tough event, including a grappling match, a sandbag hold above the head, and miles of running.

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