Sean Olive

Sean Olive

Sean Olive works as an acoustic research fellow for Harman International, a multifaceted audio company operating across consumer, professional, and automotive audio segments. He holds bachelor and masters degrees from University of Toronto’s School of Music as well as his Ph.D. in sound recording from McGill University.

Olive conducts regular double blind tests to demonstrate that speakers sound identical. While this may irk diehard DBT enthusiasts, such experiments make perfect scientific sense and prove a point.

Early Life and Education

Sean Oliver firmly stands by his credo that you don’t need to be just one thing – he has built his career around exploring many diverse interests.

After earning some on-camera appearances during high school, he developed into one of New York City’s premier ADR actors.

While studying, he pursued his interest in music by forming a rock band that performed locally at local clubs, and also producing a children’s music show he tours with to schools and libraries.

His show features himself, his children Logan and Jillian, Puppet Sean, and Tickle Monster. Additionally, he has recorded two albums of children’s music; with the ultimate goal of winning a Grammy in this genre.

Professional Career

Sean Olive is an audio engineer who has successfully completed projects such as the acoustic modeling of loudspeakers, designing listening rooms and improving microphones. He earned his undergraduate degree at University of Toronto before going on to McGill University in Montreal for graduate study and becoming a research scientist for Canada’s National Research Council.

He has written and presented many papers on resonances in audio devices and their impact on sound quality, earning the 1990 Audio Engineering Society Publications Award and becoming a Fellow.

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Achievement and Honors

Sean Olive has been employed at Harman International since 1993 as both a research scientist for the National Research Council of Canada and since 1997 has published over fifty publications dealing with psychoacoustics; that is, interactions among loudspeakers, listeners and rooms. As an AES member since 1987 and Publication Award recipient he is recognized with two AES Publication Awards as well as Fellowship status; co-chairing two conferences is among his accolades; in 1996-97 Sean served as AES President!

In 2011, Olive was honored at the Covenant Awards – Calgary Alberta’s culmination event of GMA Canada Week – with Instrumental Album and Instrumental Song awards for his work with Olive Tree band. Additionally, he earned both Producer of the Year awards from Gospel Music Association of Canada for Rejoice in Hope album production.

Personal Life

Oliver Sean is a DIY Independent Artist who has become a breakthrough DIY Artist, reaching Billboard Top 10 hits and several iTunes No.1’s in both the US and UK across various genres from acoustic rock to world beat with contemporary undertones.

He developed an appreciation of pro wrestling theatre through Kayfabe Commentaries in 2007, creating programs related to this great sport. Since then, they have worked closely with some of wrestling’s biggest stars like Bruno Sammartino, Rowdy Roddy Piper and Bret Hart as well as providing services.

He is a fierce ally for those living with disabilities and has helped create and expand numerous programs designed to enable people with disabilities to lead independent lives despite their impairments.

Net Worth

Net worth, as defined for entrepreneurs, is defined as the sum total of assets less liabilities and is often seen as more accurate measure of wealth than income alone – which may fluctuate due to job loss or reduced working hours.

Apex Systems, which automates and streamlines business processes for law firms, financial institutions, and real estate companies; clients include high net-worth individuals and families.

He is married to Casey Reinhardt of The Hills and Cupcake Wars fame; they met while skating rink in Aspen Colorado where they eventually settled down together with daughter Kensington Kelly as an infant. Both partners share time between California and Caribbean residences while being avid outdoorsmen/climbers themselves.

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