Shadonna Jones

Shadonna Jones is a registered nurse by trade, who operates HearSay LLC – a boutique business catering specifically to women across different size ranges with fashion needs. Her products can be seen advertised via public Instagram feed and worldwide shipping options are provided.

Her husband Juvenile, an iconic American rapper with Cash Money Records since the 1990s and 2000s, achieved immense fame through several studio albums such as Being Myself, 400 Degreez, Juve the Great, and The Fundamentals.

Early Life and Education

Shadonna Jones possesses a formidable business acumen. She owns and operates her own clothing boutique for women of all sizes and ages, using Instagram as a popular social media platform to advertise it and showcase fashionable merchandise for sale. Furthermore, she is actively involved with several philanthropic causes.

She stands out with her striking black eyes that help define both her identity and character. Furthermore, as an older woman she has amassed experiences and knowledge over time.

As a nurse by trade, she is best known as the partner of American rapper Terius Gray aka Juvenile (known by Birdman’s Cash Money Records in the 90s and 2000s as Juve The Great) of Birdman Cash Money Records in the late 90s/early 2000s. Juve has several popular studio albums to his credit such as Being Myself, 400 Degreez Juve The Great & The Fundamentals.

Professional Career

Shadonna Jones is best known as the wife of American rapper Terius Gray (known professionally as Juvenile). They married on September 4, 2004 and share one son. Jones works as a nurse by profession and prefers keeping a low profile.

HearSay LLC is her boutique in America that specializes in fashionable attire for women of all shapes and sizes, as well as providing merchandise worldwide for shipment. Annual income and wealth accumulation statistics remain unknown to the public.

She maintains her business on Instagram; however, her personal details remain private. Jones was born August 3 and bears Leo as her astrological sign; unfortunately no information regarding her parents and childhood are known.

Achievement and Honors

Shadonna Jones is a businesswoman who has made her mark in Gospel music. She has performed alongside esteemed Gospel singers Jessica Reedy and Shirley Ceaser on stages all around the country.

She possesses an engaging singing style, captivating fans and making an impressionful statement about Christ’s message of hope for everyone she encounters. Her desire is to spread His word as far and wide as possible.

Shadonna is best-known as the spouse of Terius Gray, also known as Juvenile. Throughout his career with Cash Money Records during the 1990s and 2000s, Juvenile became popular thanks to albums like Being Myself, 400 Degreez, Juve The Great, and The Fundamentals that sold well with fans. Today he and Shadonna reside together happily.

Personal Life

Shadonna Jones is well-known as the wife of American rapper Juvenile, an accomplished musician known for releasing several popular studio albums. However, her personal life remains hidden from view as she prefers a more discreet lifestyle.

Jones has two children: Anthony and Jelani. Additionally, she runs her own business HearSay LLC that promotes fashion items on public Instagram accounts while offering worldwide shipping services.

Jones is also an enthusiastic Gospel singer and part of Next Generation, an independent group of musicians that do not shy away from sharing the Gospel story. She has performed alongside Jessica Reedy and Shirley Ceaser as well as other top Gospel musicians on large stages across Louisiana and America. Jones currently resides in New Orleans.

Net Worth

Shadonna Jones is best known as being married to American rapper Juvenile and mother to their child together, having been together for more than a decade. Juvenile is well known in music circles due to his time spent working at Cash Money Records during the 90s and 2000s; with albums like Being Myself, 400 Degreez Juve the Great, and The Fundamentals being among his notable works.

Shadonna operates HearSay LLC boutique that caters to women of all sizes. She has amassed an extensive following on Instagram where she promotes her fashion products.

Terius Gray (also known by his nickname Juvenile) is an award-winning artist still active in music today and has made appearances in movies and TV series like Hood Angels, New Orleans Exposed, and Leone Marucci’s The Power of Few as well as producing music as a rapper producer.

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