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Shakey Graves Net Worth – Bio, Age, Family, Marriage, Wiki and Facts!

Shakey Graves Net Worth, Bio, Age, Family, Marriage, Wiki and Facts! Its Shakey Graves is an Americana musician known for his distinctive blend of blues, folk rock and other genres in a one-man band configuration.

He capitalized on the grassroots success of Roll the Bones with Dualtone Records to achieve national exposure with 2014’s And the War Came, an album filled with lushly stylistic songs.

Early Life and Education

Shakey Graves is an American musician known for blending blues, folk, country and rock ‘n roll into his sound. Born June 6, 1987 and hailing from Austin Texas he first gained notoriety at a performance at SXSW 2005.

Rose-Garcia made his mark as an actor during high school drama productions and earned himself a recurring role on Friday Night Lights; but once acting wasn’t an option he turned his focus towards music as his career path.

Shakey Graves first released a self-released debut album called Roll the Bones in 2011 to critical acclaim and recognition, followed by 2014 follow up, And the War Came, which saw major steps forward both artistically and commercially; its hit single Dearly Departed led to an extensive tour featuring Boosahda Patterson Robinson; since then Shakey Graves has released four more albums while touring once more with Can’t Wake Up.

Professional Career

Shakey Graves is an American musician known for composing music that blends blues, folk, country and rock and roll influences. Additionally, he has appeared in multiple movies and television series.

Beginning his career in 1998, he has amassed considerable renown. His most acclaimed performance to date can be found in “Waterloo Sunset”.

His distinctive performance earned him an invitation to perform for Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros Railroad Revival Tour in 2011. He is widely known for his one-man band setup involving hollow body guitar, small amp, suitcase drum with fitted snare & tambourine attached, playing an unforgettable blend of blues & folk with epic sonic dimensions.

Achievement and Honors

Shakey Graves, born Alejandro Rose-Garcia, is an American musician who blends blues, folk, country and rock and roll into one. His stage name was selected after some friends jokedly assigned themselves Native American guide names at Old Settler’s Music Festival 2007.

His debut full-length album was 2014’s independently released And the War Came, which became a resounding success and earned him a contract with independent roots label Dualtone Records.

Can’t Wake Up was released as his follow up, showcasing collaborations with more musicians and exploring stylistic territory. Touring continued and appearances on Late Night with Seth Meyers and Conan were made. Additionally, 2021 brought about a Deluxe Reissue of his Debut featuring rare bonus material; 2023 saw Movie of the Week take shape, which showed more lush styles than previous releases.

Personal Life

Shakey Graves, or Alejandro Rose-Garcia as he is more widely known, earned his stage name at the Old Settler’s Music Festival in 2007. At that event he and friends gave each other “Native American guide names”, creating his unique sound of blues, folk, country and rock and roll music.

The songwriter’s blend of blues and folk features a seductive yet unearthly howl to tell tales that both accept and confront personal struggles. Additionally, he uses an ingenious suitcase-mounted kick drum while fingerpicking his hollow body guitar.

He prefers not to disclose details of his personal life and dating status. According to several online resources, several sources estimate his net worth between $1-5 Million. His primary source of income comes from being a professional guitarist; you can access his songs on Bandcamp at pay-what-you-want prices.

Net Worth

Shakey Graves, your natal chart clearly indicates that you possess an active character with an intense drive for change and progression. Reacting quickly to stimuli such as solicitations letters or proposals for change; not accepting stagnation as part of professional or personal lives.

Born June 6th 1987 in Austin, this artist has an extensive musical and acting history, having made numerous movies and TV show appearances over time.

His one-man band setup features a modified suitcase that serves as both drums and tambourine stand with integrated microphone boom. His one-man band has amassed a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim; estimated net worth ranges between $100,000-1 Million. He remains single.

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