Shirley Booth Net Worth

Shirley Booth Net Worth was an esteemed American movie actress born August 30, 1898 and passed away October 16, 1992 at age 94. Throughout her distinguished career she excelled on Broadway, film and TV sets alike.

At her peak, she gained fame as the wisecracking and authoritative housemaid Hazel Burke from the television situation comedy Hazel (1961-1966). For this performance, she won two Emmy Awards.

Early Life and Education

Shirley Booth was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, growing up poor. Although her father opposed her acting career, Shirley continued to persevere and eventually made it onto Broadway’s stages.

In 1950, Booth won her breakthrough role of Lola Delaney in Arthur Laurents’ play Come Back Little Sheba and was honored with both a Tony and an Academy Award – making history by becoming the first woman ever to achieve such distinction!

In the 1960s, she rose to fame through starring on the television sitcom Hazel and winning two Primetime Emmy Awards for her performances. Additionally, she appeared in several film projects as well as voice acting in some animated movies until retiring from acting altogether in 1974 and living quietly on Cape Cod with her husband and pet poodle until her death at age 94.

Professional Career

From captivating the stage to mesmerizing screens, Booth left an astonishing legacy with her incredible talent and captivating performances. She is widely considered one of Broadway’s leading stage actresses.

Booth began her acting career in 1925 with stock company productions. She first gained attention after starring alongside Humphrey Bogart in Hell’s Bells before expanding her repertoire with additional dramas, comedies, and musicals.

She made appearances in several movies, such as a small role in The Glass Menagerie and Noel Coward’s Hay Fever, in addition to performing on radio and TV programs.

She played Miss Duffy with an endearing Brooklyn accent on radio’s 1940s series Duffy’s Tavern, but due to long working hours, bursitis occurred and forced her out of the show in 1942. Shortly afterwards she married US Army Corporal William Baker and settled down on Cape Cod where they would settle down together and raise a family.

Achievement and Honors

Shirley Booth made an indelible mark as both a theatre and film actress, leaving an indelible mark both on Broadway and Hollywood alike. Featuring iconic roles such as Lola Delaney in “Hell’s Bells” and Hazel Burke in “Hazel”, which earned her widespread admiration and praise over time.

Beatrice also made numerous stage and radio appearances, appearing regularly on NBC Blue’s Duffy’s Tavern from 1941-1942 and winning two Tony Awards during her illustrious acting career during the late 1940s and early 1950s.

In 1970 she returned to Broadway for two short-run productions: Look to the Lilies and Noel Coward’s Hay Fever revival before retiring back home on Cape Cod in 1810. Her life path number 1 signifies her dedication and unwavering pursuit of goals.

Personal Life

Shirley Booth was an iconic American actress renowned for captivating audiences everywhere she performed – from stage performances and film to TV and movie roles – her charismatic presence won over hearts everywhere and was widely celebrated.

She made her Broadway debut in 1925 and quickly rose through the ranks until landing the role in Come Back Little Sheba 10 years later.

In 1941, she ventured into radio as the hostess of Duffy’s Tavern with Ed Gardner. Additionally, she appeared as journalist Ruth Sherwood in The Philadelphia Story and as an antifascist school teacher in Tomorrow the World on screen.

After experiencing success on Broadway and film, she won the role of Hazel Burke on television sitcom Hazel from 1961 to 1966 and received numerous Emmy awards for her performances on this series.

Net Worth

Shirley Booth was an acclaimed stage, film, radio, and television actress renowned for her warm yet acerbic presence. Beginning her Broadway career in 1925 and appearing in over 600 plays before making her movie debut with Come Back Little Sheba (1952), Booth excelled at character roles ranging from her sassy maid role on Hazel to Duffy’s Tavern where she often played as crazy daughter roles.

Born under the sign of Virgo, she quickly earned a reputation for practicality and attention to detail – traits which proved essential during her acting career.

Click “HOT” if you think she was attractive; click “NOT HOT” otherwise. She passed away in 1992 at age 94 and was interred in Westfield, Massachusetts.

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