Simon Swig

Simon Swig was a wholesale junk dealer who lived and made his living during the 1880s in America after immigrating with his family from Russia/Poland.

At Boston, he was also a prominent political leader who championed legislation to remove legal restrictions on interest rate for bank deposits – an idea far ahead of its time!

Early Life and Education

Simon was raised in a family that revered food. Mealtimes provided an opportunity for bonding and even some friendly political debates to occur among his loved ones.

Simon was active in both civic and banking circles, serving both municipally and as a member of the state legislature. Additionally, he founded Tremont Trust Company bank. Notable among his accomplishments was his attempt at legal reform of paying interest on deposits-an innovation he advocated long before its time.

Simon was an active philanthropist and contributed millions to education, religious organizations and Democratic causes – most notably creating the Nelson Fitness Center at Brown University. These days he enjoys sharing his love of cooking through cookbooks while exploring a world of flavors through them.

Professional Career

Beginning his career working for his father-in-law’s real estate development firm on the West Coast, he soon found himself working at Harry Macklowe’s daughter’s real estate development firm on both coasts before meeting and marrying her in 1987. Quickly becoming one of the major figures on New York social circuit and earning a name as an influential real estate wheeler-dealer across both coasts; making several bold business moves – including proposing that banks pay interest on deposits as well as loans – something unthinkable at that time but now common practice; quickly making himself known both on New York social and real estate dealing floors as well as on both coasts; with several bold moves made during business dealings such as proposing banks pay interest on both loans as well.

Achievement and Honors

Simon Swig was an exceptional philanthropist, contributing millions of dollars to educational institutions, religious groups and Democratic causes over his lifetime. Additionally, he founded the Simon Swig Foundation which awards grants to various charitable organizations – his heirs have continued this legacy of generosity through it.

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Personal Life

Swig was highly successful but his marriage ultimately disintegrated after Liz Swig accused him of forging her signature to secure a loan for a risky real estate project that threatened Park Avenue co-op ownership.

Kent Swig now manages the Swig Company, which controls over $3 billion worth of commercial real estate. A top developer in both New York and San Francisco, its projects include 2 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan near Washington Square Park as well as Fairmont Hotels in Dallas and New Orleans; in addition to demolishing the old Metropolitan Opera House to make way for 215 West 39th Street; while also actively involved with Jewish affairs by creating Santa Clara University’s inaugural chair of Jewish studies.

Net Worth

Swig, who made headlines for his controversial and dramatic behavior during the Vietnam War, reportedly amassed an immense fortune, estimated to be worth more than $100 million at his death in 1980.

Over his lifetime, he made millions in charitable and philanthropic contributions, such as those to United Jewish Appeal, Brandeis University, Hebrew University of Jerusalem and New York City Ballet – as well as making substantial donations to Catholic Church charities and causes.

Kent Swig currently runs the Swig Company and owns billions of dollars’ worth of real estate assets in both New York and San Francisco. Kent’s unique strategy for his family business: recruiting his grandchildren early into it to ensure its survival into the future has been instrumental to its success.

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