Speed Jacking

The Dangers of Speed Jacking

Monitoring of super-large rectangular pipe jacking tunnel construction beneath high-speed railway is necessary to ensure its safe operation and the protection of construction workers. Key parameters to watch include jacking speed, shield machine head up position, soil conditions and the lubrication system.

Personal Life

Experts are warning of USB charging stations at airports, restaurants and other public locations being loaded with computers armed with “juice jacking” malware aimed at harvesting your personal information through “video jacking,” an attack method which works even if screen mirroring has been disabled on devices. There are a few simple measures you can take to protect yourself.

Net Worth

Net worth is often associated with internet billionaires and media tycoons, but every person should understand and know how to calculate it. Net worth can be determined by adding all assets an individual owns such as checking/saving accounts, investments, property ownership or even their car/home and subtracting liabilities such as mortgages/loans/credit cards/student loans owed minus assets owned.

Having a positive net worth can inspire individuals to set budgets, monitor spending wisely, and pay off debt more easily. Furthermore, it can be used as an indicator of one’s financial health and eligibility for loan programs such as mortgages or debt consolidation plans, providing informed decisions when planning for the future.

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