Stall Jack

Stall Jack

The stall jack is a portable farrier tool designed to assist with shoe shaping without going back to an anvil. Featuring a large polished working surface and turning cams for bending heel edges, this farrier tool makes shoe molding quick and efficient.

He made an appearance on “Shark Tank” with his father in order to raise $50,000 in exchange for 10% of their company.

Professional Career

Stall jacks are portable, light devices designed for farriers to carry from horse to horse or between stalls and stables when shoeing horses. They can serve as mini anvil stands to hold hoof in place while working on shoes; and can even act as mini anvil stands while shaping, bending heels, or making other adjustments typically done on forges. Blacksmith Italia provides a small lightweight stall jack with tripod stand and concussion pads on the face to reduce shock impact on shock impact sensitive faces while Valley Farrier features turning cams that bend heels of shoes while its large working area can accommodate most aluminum horseshoes.

Achievement and Honors

Farriers use stall jacks to make shaping horseshoes simpler and quicker, commonly referred to as “finger anvils.” Users can shape horseshoes by pressing down on its top and sides – an indispensable tool for anyone working with horses! It can also serve as an indispensable aid when working on other forms of animals.

Stall Jack is one of the protagonists from Story of Seasons series. He lives in Olive Town’s general store and makes money selling souvenirs made out of wooden carvings as souvenirs.

Personal Life

As well as working as a farrier, Stall Jack also enjoys exploring Olive Town with his family. He is Cindy’s older brother and grandson of Simon and Jessie. In his free time he visits the General Store to shop or watch movies; additionally he’s fond of creating wooden carvings in his free time.

Stall jacks are commonly employed by farriers when an anvil isn’t available or convenient, providing them with a large polished working surface, special slots for shaping shoes and turning cams, and other essential tools that allow them to complete most tasks they would do on an anvil without having to move.

Net Worth

Stall is currently serving on the Editorial Advisory Board for Alliance magazine, an international charity sector publication; as well as being on Rosalynn Carter Fellowships’ Advisory Board in UAE. Furthermore, he acts as mentor and adviser for youth entrepreneurs as well as being on its Board of Trustees for The Founders Institute.

Stallion Jack’s Stands & Marketplaces and TeenHustl generate revenue through the sale of multicolored drinks sold at farmers’ markets, craft fairs and mall locations. When Stallion Jack appeared on Shark Tank season 8 episode 8, both he and his father sought investment for 10% stake of the business at $500,000. Specifically they wanted $50,000 as an equity stake investment worth 10% value at $500,000.

Since appearing on the show, they have joined forces with other young entrepreneurs and expanded to multiple locations, while offering high schoolers mentoring services.

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