Stephen Hawks

A Look at Stephen Hawks

Hawks, an assistant professor of psychology at Brigham Young University, has published numerous academic journal articles about hunger-based eating as well as one book.

Hawks is married to Mina Starsiak of Good Bones on HGTV and can often be seen together during her appearances on the show. To learn more about their relationship click here.

Early Life and Education

Stephen Hawking was born 300 years to the day after Galileo’s death on January 8th 1942 in Oxford England to Frank and Isobel Hawking and was their eldest child. While not a star student at school, his innate brilliance was recognized by teachers and peers alike.

High school student Albert Einstein had a keen interest in mathematics and science, earning himself the nickname “Einstein.” Although initially intending to pursue mathematics at Oxford, this proved too challenging a pursuit so instead moved towards studying physics and later cosmicology.

In 1974, he gained international attention for his breakthrough discovery that black holes aren’t information vacuums as once thought – this allowed him to continue his research and write popular science books.

Professional Career

Hawks has spent 30 years using technology in business communications and history, while applying it to his personal interests. He produced one of the earliest commercial CD-ROMs, several history websites and is an Adjunct Professor in Grand Valley State University’s Seidman School of Business.

He has worked as both a project manager for an environmental engineering firm and account executive with CoStar Group. Furthermore, Hawks is an accomplished competitive eater who frequently posts updates of his feats on Instagram.

Hawks has two children – Jack Richard and Charlie Drew (named for one of Hawks’ late friends). Country Living reports that Hawks is part-owner of the Delmarva Aces baseball team.

Achievement and Honors

Hawking is a world-renowned scientist. He has received multiple honorary degrees, awards, medals and prizes in recognition of his groundbreaking research into black holes, the universe and more. His groundbreaking works have profoundly altered our views of these phenomena.

Hawking and Mina Starsiak have two children together: Jack and Charlotte Drew Hawk. After suffering through fertility problems and having difficulty becoming pregnant, they welcomed Jack in 2018 and Charlotte in September 2020.

Hawking works as an account executive at Costar Group and owns his own personal training business called HawkFit. In his free time he enjoys competitive eating events as well as documenting them via Instagram stories. His partner lives in Indianapolis; among their celebrity admirers are Dame Maggie Smith and John Wayne.

Personal Life

Apart from his work in physics and cosmology, Hawking is also an avid collector of historical trains and ships; even creating websites dedicated to this subject.

Hawking is married to Mina Starsiak, known for her role in the HGTV show Good Bones. They have two children together: Jack and Charlotte. Mina also runs Two Chicks and a Hammer Inc and earns significant money through renovation work.

Steve Hawking worked as an account executive at Costar Group from 2020-202. A competitive eater, which he documented through Instagram. When not eating competitively or traveling he enjoys spending quality time with family. Unfortunately his mother, Sally passed away six months prior.

Net Worth

Steve Hawk is a personal trainer by trade and has earned an impressive income through this work. Additionally, he’s one half of Two Chicks With a Hammer with his wife Mina Starsiak; Mina hosts the popular television show Good Bones hosted by HGTV which has an estimated net worth of approximately $2 Million.

Starsiak met her husband, Steve Hawk, at a baseball game and connected via social media. Their initial date did not go according to plan but Starsiak gave him another try and eventually they began dating.

Hawk is not only seen on Good Bones but is also involved with Two Chicks with a Hammer Inc, the home renovation venture of his bride. Additionally, he participates in competitive eating and regularly shares updates via his Instagram account; and as an account executive his career contributes greatly to his net worth.

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