Steve Adcook

Steve Adcook and His Traveling Adventures

Steve and Courtney have taken to touring across America in their Airstream RV while running a YouTube channel and writing about personal finance and early retirement for Forbes and MarketWatch media outlets.

Steve attributes their success to adhering to several fundamental principles. According to him, financial independence should be your top goal.

Professional Career

Steve Adcook is an entrepreneur and writer who left corporate IT after 15 years to follow his passion for adventure. Together with Courtney, they travel around in their Airstream RV with Penny and Patti as their dogs while making money through writing and consulting services.

His podcast “Healthy Selfishness” explores how he achieved millionaire status while prioritizing mental and physical wellness. His lifestyle has been featured by popular media outlets like Forbes and Business Insider.

Los Angeles-based business professional by day and fitness instructor by night, known for blending weight training with high endurance indoor cycling in order to build strength, muscle definition and cardiovascular health.

Personal Life

Steve Adcock and Courtney have made full-time RV travel their primary residence since 2004. While traveling across America with two rescued dogs in tow, they share information about financial independence and travel on their blog, podcast, YouTube channel and write for websites such as MarketWatch, CNBC and The Ladders.

He explains that although his salary was adequate, working daily and being subjected to performance reviews did not bring the fulfillment he expected from his lifestyle. With this realization came an adjustment in their priorities in favor of financial independence and adventure.

They have managed to escape the rat race and are now enjoying an early retirement. Additionally, they make giving back a top priority through blogging and sponsoring STEM-related charities.

Net Worth

As of 2018, Steve and Courtney have amassed nearly $900,000. Their savings account includes long-term investments as well as savings and checking accounts, plus they maintain a YouTube channel documenting their travel adventures.

Steve and Courtney set aside money each month as “fun money”, so that they can indulge in alcohol, cultural events and gifts for others – as long as they don’t overdo their spending – though it can be difficult justifying purchases they don’t need.

Additionally, they prioritize both their mental and physical health by engaging in regular physical exercise, eating healthily and practicing self-care practices like meditation. Furthermore, they try to minimize waste through solar panels, water wells and septic tanks of their own that allow them to become completely self-reliant – an integral aspect of what they refer to as “health selfishness”.

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