Steve Alfaro

Steve Alfaro – An Artist and Activist

Stephen Alfaro has over three decades of sales professional experience, with expertise in business development and sales management. His unique charismatic style allows him to cultivate long-term relationships with customers.

At Poder Latinx, he leads creative digital campaigns using technology and multiple lenses to engage the community and build political power among Latinxs in battleground states.

Early Life and Education

Alfaro was raised by immigrant parents in South LA’s Watts and Florence-Firestone neighborhoods, giving him an exclusive insight into his community and its challenges. Today he stands as an outspoken champion for educational equity and social justice.

After graduating art school, he worked at SiTV (now Fuse TV), a bilingual music and entertainment network. Later he spearheaded digital campaigns aimed at engaging Latinx millennials in civic participation; winning him a Webby Award with his work on Crash the Parties political reporting contest.

Alfaro has been teaching fourth grade at Sharp Elementary School for 26 years. He lives with his partner and daughter in Washington, DC.

Professional Career

Steve Alfaro is an accomplished professional with 14 years of experience producing culturally appropriate Latino outreach and engagement campaigns across digital and traditional tactics. He began his career at SiTV Network (now Fuse TV) as a motion graphics designer, helping develop branding campaigns for reality shows like Jammin’ and Model Latina.

At Voto Latino, he took on the design and creative oversight for this national civic engagement organization that has registered over half a million Latinx youth voters across battleground states. Here he led the development of digital programs targeting Latinx voters through art and culture.

He previously held positions at nanoComposix, where he was responsible for creating lateral flow and ELISA tests to treat various disease indications. Through his efforts at this company, they achieved both de novo 510(K) submission as well as CE mark approval of their NephroCheck test.

Achievement and Honors

Alfaro was awarded Princeton Department of Classics’ annual Robert Fagles Lecture on Greek Drama in Contemporary Arts. Additionally, he has performed, directed, written and spoken about theater, poetry and journalism – especially ancient Greek plays he has adapted into modern drama, such as Mojada (based on Euripides Medea); Oedipus El Rey (Chicano Retelling of Oedipus Rex); Electricidad (Sophocles’ Electra).

Alfaro has also participated in various social justice projects. As part of his work with Poder Latinx, he created an online art gallery and two civically and politically themed music videos designed to digitally engage Latinx communities prior to 2020 elections.

Personal Life

Steve Alfaro is an artist and activist who uses art to foster civic participation among Latino communities. His efforts have earned numerous honors such as Webby Honoree Awards and MySpace Impact Awards.

At Bolingbrook High School, he earned four-time all-conference softball and volleyball awards – as well as being honored as a distinguished athlete award recipient.

Louis Hinojosa (“Hinojosa”) was a personal investor in Montague 1H and 2H wells, who provided testimony at both the Preliminary Injunction Hearing and Trial regarding his investment with Primera, interactions with Alfaro and other employees of Primera as well as reviewing documents during his investment process. The Court finds Hinojosa credible. Currently he serves as President/CEO of Poder Latinx Foundation.

Net Worth

Peters testified that he was solicited over the phone and did not know how Alfaro acquired his telephone number, or any benefits that may result from investing with Primera. Although Peters is a retired electrical contractor with experience in oil and gas operations, but had never made direct investments into oil and gas properties.

Salmon invested 6.3 million with Primera over sixteen wells, such as Montague Legacy 1H and 2H, Screaming Eagle 1H-2H-III-IV-4H and Buda Black Hawk wells. He testified about these investments as well as any interactions or conversations he had with Alfaro during the investing process, along with any documents reviewed during that process. The Court found Salmon to be credible.

Megan Blair (“Blair”) worked as an accounting assistant with Primera, testifying about her duties, interactions with employees and documents reviewed during her time there. Unfortunately, however, the Court does not find her credible as a witness.

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