Steve Baugh

Steve Baugh – A Man of Great Personality and Character

Steve Baugh will be deeply missed by both friends and family alike. A man of great personality and character, he was known for being energetic yet playful; enjoying diving, spear fishing and net fishing; as well as visiting Dominica bars.

On October 8, 1996, Baugh entered K.B.’s home while she was alone and intimidated her into exposing her breasts and genital area for his examination.

Early Life and Education

Baugh served in the United States Army before moving to Versailles where he started a State Farm agency. Throughout his community involvement – from Special Olympics and local schools, to supporting his family through business – Baugh provided for them through State Farm.

Steven is an elegant name with meanings related to crown and wreath, taken from St. Stephen, who was the first Christian martyr. Additionally, Steven may be related to Dutch names Esteban or Shakespearean character Stephanos.

He currently reigns as Hoenn League Champion, succeeding Wallace after their previous tournament victory. He enjoys diving, spear fishing and net fishing – in addition to visiting bars in town – while he’s a member of Free Mason Club as well.

Professional Career

Baugh first made headlines as a professional football player when he signed with the Washington Redskins in 1937. At that point, they had just relocated from Boston and were looking for an experienced quarterback; Baugh had originally planned on playing baseball (he had nearly been granted a scholarship at Washington State) but decided instead to sign with them instead.

“On Day One”, he made an immediate impact and led the NFL in passing as a rookie. Additionally, he led Washington Redskins to their inaugural championship by throwing for 335 yards and three touchdowns against Chicago Bears 28-21 victory in championship game. Since then he would win six more league championships as well as set numerous record-setting marks over his career.

Achievement and Honors

Steven Baugh stands out as one of the most successful figures in Washington Redskin history, holding six records such as most career touchdown passes and highest season punting average. Baugh was inducted into their Hall of Fame this past January.

Baugh is not only renowned as an athlete; he is also a highly accomplished educator and administrator. Previously serving as superintendent for Alpine School District in Utah as well as being part of Orem Utah Windsor Stake high council; additionally serving as distinguished alumni lecturer at Brigham Young University’s College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences he made an impressionful presence among educators everywhere.

He is survived by his wife, Lynn; son Steven Ray Baugh; stepdaughters Jolee Lange and Renata Toulon; as well as brother Russell Koontz. Furthermore, many nieces and nephews remain. Additionally, he was an avid enthusiast for Harley Davidson motorcycles and hunting.

Personal Life

Steve Baugh leaves behind his wife Dottie; sons Dominic, Antwan, Stephen; daughters Camryn Stewart and Jaycie Baugh; brothers Robert Baugh and Russell Koontz; nieces and nephews Brian, Carrie, Malea and Thor; along with many other relatives. Funeral arrangements will be handled by Bell Tower Funeral Home.

Lott provided testimony about her sexual encounter with Baugh when she was nineteen. Additionally, Lott claimed Baugh abused her when she spent the night at his trailer in Wylie; his hand would come into contact with the inside thigh area before moving downward toward her shorts to place its fingers into her vagina.

Baugh denied these allegations of abuse; he claimed it occurred before S.K. turned fourteen and shortly after moving into Green Acres in Princeton.

Net Worth

He is an independent forensic auditor specializing in conducting due diligence research via open source and subscriber databases to produce evidence-based reports for interested parties – both individuals and corporate. He specializes in investigating potential international fraud, money laundering, bribery and corruption allegations.

His and his wife enjoy each other’s company and are proud parents to Bria and Ciara, their daughters. Additionally, he’s passionate about Harley Davidson motorcycles as well as spear and net fishing.

Steven Baugh is also known for being an exceptional spiritual advisor and coach to pastors and business owners alike. From 1994 until 2004, he served as college pastor at Saddleback Church before serving as associate senior pastor of Mclean Bible Church until 2004 before volunteering his services through Frontline youth ministry to young adults. Most recently, Steven was hired as pastor of Coast Hills Community Church in Aliso Vejo, California.

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