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Securities & Corporate Finance Attorney – Steve Boehm

Steve Boehm is an attorney specializing in Securities & Corporate Finance matters who offers his services in Pennsylvania.

He is nationally-recognized for his extensive expertise in investment fund structuring and regulation, particularly those under the Investment Company Act of 1940. Additionally, he provides advice to asset managers on establishing and operating both public and private investment funds.

Early Life and Education

Steve has dedicated his lifelong teaching career to inquiry based learning, serving Worcester State University (WSU) for the last 20 years as an instructor of student-centered pedagogy. His scholarship earned him their highest faculty award. Furthermore, Steve is an acclaimed somatic educator; using body-based mindfulness, meditation and movement techniques developed at WSU with Olympic athletes to tune their nervous systems for peak performance.

He arrived in America at 16 just prior to World War II breaking out in Germany, becoming naturalized as an American citizen two years later. With his German heritage helping him serve in the US Army he interrogated top Nazi officers such as Wilhelm Keitel whose trial would eventually occur at Nuremberg. Today he lives with his wife in Topeka Kansas where they run Boehm Group biography company.

Professional Career

Steve Boehm is an esteemed attorney practicing in Washington. His practice includes representing clients with Securities & Corporate Finance matters as well as serving on several nonprofit boards.

Boehm brings over three decades of experience in technology-enabled businesses, financial services, global operations and merger integration to AvidXchange as Senior Vice President, Customer Delivery where he led them through hypergrowth and business model transformation. Prior to AvidXchange he served in executive capacities at First Data and Wells Fargo/Wachovia.

He is widely recognized for his expert knowledge of investment regulation and structuring, particularly related to business development companies (BDCs). As such, he regularly engages with the SEC on behalf of his clients – giving them access to an insider perspective and expert perspective they would not otherwise gain access to.

Achievement and Honors

Steven Boehm has created various software engineering models and environments, such as the TRW Software Productivity System and Quantum Leap environments. Additionally, he is the author of multiple books on software engineering economics and knowledge-based software engineering.

He and his wife, Inge Pauli, established ABC-CLIO publishing enterprise which provides bibliographic databases and reference books used in education around the globe. Furthermore, they established International Academy and provided educational support in environmental, biographic and global studies.

Kahn said he was overwhelmed to receive a phone call from Oakland University President Ora Hirsch Pescovitz’s office asking him to come on campus for the presentation of an honorary doctor of science degree for his work with Wayne State’s Math Corps program that provides summer camp, Saturday programs and enrichment courses to children and teens.

Personal Life

Steve Boehm is an experienced attorney specializing in Securities & Corporate Finance. Currently working at Eversheds Sutherland (US) LLP and providing legal support services for various clients with legal matters, Steve serves as an integral resource.

His popular podcast “The Guru Viking” showcases in-depth interviews with leading figures in spirituality and self development, while he is the originator of the Movement Koan Method, a nonlinear movement technique which integrates joint-nourishing movement with body-based mindfulness.

He places immense value in cultivating personal and professional relationships, leading him to achieve great success with his private clientele, including Oscar winning actors, Grammy award-winners and multi-billion fund managers. Furthermore, he is an avid outdoorsman who participates in extreme outdoor survival training expeditions regularly.

Net Worth

With over 55 companies under his belt and extensive knowledge in financial services, global operations, digital payments and project management. His experiences span project directorship, consultancy services and business ownership as well as being an accomplished public speaker.

Nationally esteemed for his expert knowledge of investment fund structuring and regulation, he is widely-recognized as the premier authority on funds structured as business development companies (BDCs). His guidance helps asset managers navigate through the complicated rules and regulations set by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

As of 2023, his estimated net worth is over $8.78 Million. Since 2018, he has made at least 17 insider trading transactions in Gentex Corp (GNTX). On 18 November 2020 he exercised 1,242 units worth over $422,124 in Gentex stock.

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