Steve Bonham

A Look at Steve Bonham

Steve Bonham works in Denton ISD Fine Arts office as a specialist, working with music, dance, and art. With two children attending Denton ISD schools himself, working for Denton is both exciting and satisfying experience.

Through various adversarial proceedings, trustee Compton has demonstrated that RaeJean Bonham used proceeds from WPI and APFC to pay her credit cards, food costs, travel costs and entertainment expenses as well as incur other personal costs.

Early Life and Education

Bonham formed two single-owner corporations, World Plus International and Allied Profits Funding Corporation (APFC), through which she issued millions in investment contracts to perpetuate her fraud. Bonham failed to disclose in these contracts that she was sole owner, president, treasurer, secretary of APFC despite incorporating it in Idaho; according to Cumer Green’s explanation that this oversight may simply have been an oversight (See Compton Affidavit Exhibit 66). Green also paid some of Bonham’s expenses such as rent payments tuition payments and vacation payments (see Compton Afidavit Appendix A); however Bonham did not disclose these payments either in her investment contracts.

Professional Career

Steven Bonham is an acclaimed drummer who has amassed an impressive fortune through his professional career. He has worked on various projects with some of the biggest names in music – Led Zeppelin being among them!

At 10, he began learning drums thanks to the gift of a snare drum from his mother and later a complete set from his father. Soon thereafter he started playing in several local bands.

After the disbandment of Yardbirds, Page recruited Bonham along with Robert Plant and John Paul Jones to form Led Zeppelin. Bonham displayed both hard rock and Latin-influenced grooves during this period with Led Zeppelin.

Tim Burton made several films featuring him, such as Miami Vice (1984), Dancing Queen (1993) and Margaret’s Museum (2001), with him also making cameo appearances in Tim Burton’s remake of Planet of the Apes and Thaddeus O’Sullivan’s Big Fish remakes.

Achievement and Honors

Bonham left Lodge Farm Secondary Modern School in 1964 with his headmaster writing on his report card: “He will either become a dustman or a millionaire.” Immediately upon leaving school, Bonham began working for his father as an apprentice carpenter while performing with local bands such as Terry Webb & the Spiders as well as Birmingham blues group The Senators on drums.

Steve currently works as a Specialist in the Denton ISD Fine Arts Office and assists with music, art, dance and theatre programs. Steve and his wife have two sons attending Denton ISD schools who enjoy spending time together with family. In 2012 he received the Les Paul Award from TEC Foundation which honors those who have made significant contributions towards recording technology advancement.

Personal Life

Steve Bonham, an award-winning psychologist, musician, and author. His body of work includes 10 albums released over his career as well as two musicals and five books written. Furthermore, his blog can be found here.

He has traveled throughout the world, captivating audiences with his quick wit and humorous commentary that keeps them laughing throughout each show. Combining music with stories about London nights or adventures in the Appalachian Mountains keeps audiences laughing throughout.

Bonham founded World Plus, Inc. (WPI), a Nevada corporation, as the sole shareholder in April 1991 and was listed as its sole director and shareholder. She denied being actively involved with WPI operations, stating instead that her husband Steve ran it. Bonham and her children received monthly stipends from WPI while attending college while WPI also covered some expenses associated with car purchases and expenses for them both.

Net Worth

He penned a memoir that sold millions of copies, hosted a radio talk show in Atlanta where he discussed his political views and personal life story for Tea Party and conservative listeners, took over Godfather’s Pizza franchise to turn it profitable, founded a publishing company to produce Weight Watchers magazine, sci-fi comic Heavy Metal comic and National Lampoon magazines as well as founded a publishing company which produced Weight Watchers magazine, sci-fi comic Heavy Metal comic and National Lampoon magazines and founded another publishing company that produced Weight Watchers magazine, sci-fi comic Heavy Metal comic as well as National Lampoon magazines and National Lampoon comic books respectively.

World Plus, Inc. (WPI), was formed on April 22, 1991 and its Nevada sister company APFC on October 11, 1992 by RaeJean Bonham as incorporator, registered agent, sole shareholder, and sole officer; her husband Steve Bonham denies being actively involved in its operation – she runs it herself with no significant participation by him or anyone else involved – while RaeJean Bonham alone handled negotiations with investors to sell investment contracts either personally or via WPI or APFC.

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