Steve Brubaker

Steve Brubaker

Brubaker strongly subscribes to the belief that “to postpone is punishing; to plan is priceless”. As an advisor, he helps his clients confront their finances daily and take control of their futures.

Brubaker knows the contact center industry from its roots up, having started at InfoCision as an entry level employee before progressing through their ranks to become Chief of Staff.

Early Life and Education

He is the brother of musician Dale Brubaker and was born in Lancaster, PA. He attended McCaskey High School, Lancaster Bible College, and Millersville University before going on to gain a music-oriented education through Millersville University. Both his parents were musicians themselves; thus imparting music appreciation from an early age.

He was widely recognized for his visual and drill design services for drum & bugle corps, working with such groups as Chicago Cavaliers, Star of Indiana Bluecoats Sky Ryders Dutch Boys Florida Wave to expand their visual musicality.

He taught piano repertory at Juilliard School, with students like Francesco Tristano, Simone Dinnerstein, Helen Huang, Shai Wosner and Elizabeth Joy Roe among his pupils. Additionally Brubaker gave public presentations with Philip Glass and Meredith Monk; recorded works by them; Alvin Curran Mark-Anthony Turnage and Nico Muhly were among them.

Professional Career

Steve Brubaker works as an educator and counselor in the financial industry to guide clients towards making wise financial decisions. While not certified financial planner, investment professional, or insurance agent – Steve acts as an educator who assists his clients by teaching the principles, precepts, strategies, and knowledge behind financial truth.

Bellavia says Brubaker was well-liked and respected at his Mount Joy church, yet used it to prey upon six elderly individuals, taking advantage of their trust to take more than $214,000. Bellavia states Brubaker offered to manage an insurance payout from one victim’s death and took all of it for himself.

He began his career as a visual and drill designer for drum corps and marching bands, being inducted into the Drum Corps International Hall of Fame in 1992.

Achievement and Honors

Brubaker has been honored for his work with multiple awards, such as seven Eisner Awards, two Harvey Awards, and an Ignatz Award. Additionally, he serves on several charities and organizations’ boards such as Lancaster’s LifePath Christian Ministries.

As visual designer for the Cavaliers, Brubaker helped reestablish them as a formidable competitor in drum corps activity. His design style was unique in that it integrated color guard and percussion sections into its overall concept for each show.

His designs are widely renowned, with one former Cavaliers drill writer citing them as among the finest in their field; one former Cavalier drill writer described them as being like the Sistine Chapel of drill writing–mathematically perfect yet lyrically rich.” In 1992, Brubaker was honored as an “Eisner Hall of Fame” contributor.

Personal Life

Steven and Cynthia Brubaker have five children together. As a family they enjoy reading, traveling and spending evenings with their friends and family. Steven is also an active member of Shalom Mennonite Church in Lancaster.

Prosecutors noted that Brubaker was highly-respected in Mount Joy, and used this reputation to take advantage of elderly victims in order to take more than $214,000. Bellavia stated that Brubaker convinced victims to invest in worthless securities before manipulating their insurance policies to gain access to funds for his personal gain.

Brubaker was also well-renowned for his artistic abilities, designing drill for drum corps and marching bands such as the Cavaliers, Star of Indiana Bluecoats Sky Riders Dutch Boys Florida Wave and others to reach new levels in visual musicality. Additionally he was an active member of Rotary Club as well as volunteering at his children’s school.

Net Worth

He has handled numerous complex real estate and construction cases throughout his legal career, providing advice to his clients on corporate and medical legal compliance matters such as Anti-Kickback Statute compliance, Stark Law compliance and California Nonprofit Integrity Act laws.

Brubaker wrote the four issue Detective Comics serial Trail of Catwoman which introduced private investigator Slam Bradley and revamped her modus operandi. Later that same year he collaborated with artist Sean Phillips on creating Black Sails for IDW Publishing.

Martindale-Hubbell has awarded him with an AV Preeminent rating, and he is an active member of the San Diego County Bar Association and its Foundation for Law and Liberty Board and Executive Committee. Additionally, Brubaker serves as mock trial coach at Mission Bay High School in San Diego.

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