Steve Charlton

Steve Charlton – The Defined Contribution (DC) Managing Director at SEI

Steve Charlton serves as Defined Contribution (DC) Managing Director at SEI. He manages an agile team of designers and architects with an impressive client roster.

Brisson carefully documents each building designed by Charlton that he can identify, discussing the styles he employed and their influence by changing tastes.

Early Life and Education

Avory currently works for Charlton Addicks as their Academy Director, specialising in developing young players into first-team stars. Prior to this he served as assistant manager of their youth setup under current England coach Gareth Southgate.

Fred Charlton may not be well known throughout the U.P., yet his buildings remain some of its most striking late Victorian and early 20th-century structures – from courthouses and churches to grand residences, company cottages and theaters. Some such as Marquette County Court House and Longyear Mansion still stand while others were destroyed by fire or changed due to changing tastes and needs.

Brisson surveys all of Charlton’s buildings that have been identified, providing details such as which still stand, those destroyed and their architectural styles. He also gives us insight into the difficulties architects encountered at that time in terms of obtaining commissions, competing against rival architects and satisfying clients.

Professional Career

Steve Charlton, co-founder of architecture firm i/o atelier with offices in London and Riyadh, does not waste his time sitting idle. Instead he travels frequently between them both overseeing his team while meeting clients (many global corporations) on site.

He has led projects that span from designing the headquarters for a major UK law firm, to 150 Holborn in Central London which offers 185,000 sq. ft of office space.

Ditko’s most philosophical and intellectual creation was the fedora-wearing vigilante with blank expression face mask, first seen in issue 3 of Wally Wood’s prozine Witzend in 1967. Ditko created him to express his strong convictions in Objectivism (a philosophy created by Ayn Rand in her books Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead).

Achievement and Honors

The Awards Ceremony celebrates America’s most influential artists. Broadcast annually by National Public Broadcasting, it has become one of the country’s premier events and includes an impressive list of artists who have received this recognition.

Excellerate Biosiences Ltd provides molecular pharmacology services for various clients, with extensive drug discovery experience working on GPCRs, ion channels and enzyme projects. Additionally, Dr. Gopal serves as founder and Chief Scientific Officer.

Sami is part of Auburn High School’s gifted academy and CAPA program. She was honored as a Rockford Register Star Young American, volunteering for Walter Lawson Children’s Home in Loves Park as well as joining their National Honor Society chapter as teacher’s assistant.

Personal Life

Steve Charlton was an honest and sincere individual in his personal life. His first priorities in life were family and friends, enjoying riding motorcycles and being outdoors; additionally he attended River of Life Church in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

He was also an accomplished soccer coach, helping Miami Southridge High School win a state title as defensive end. Additionally, he served as youth coach at Charlton Athletic and West Ham United under Alan Pardew.

He is now co-founder of i/o atelier, a London and Riyadh-based design consultancy with an agile team of architects who believe architecture can bring out the best in people when combined with hard data.

Net Worth

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Formerly, he held various sales leadership positions at Westlake Chemicals within their polyethylene and polystyrene businesses as well as membership on both Ingenia Polymers and Nexeo Solutions boards of directors.

At present, he works with both established consumer brands and new entrants, helping them translate consumer trends and behavior into business strategies. Additionally, he serves as trustee for Bright Ideas Trust incubator/mentoring young entrepreneurs; living with his wife and son in Surrey England with an avid passion for cycling; participating in triathlons when time allows.

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