Steve Christman

Steve Christman – A Man of All Consuming Passions

Steve Christman had many interests that consumed him: shepetology, bass tournament fishing, vegetable gardening and native plant gardening were just a few. Additionally, he was widely respected as an authority on Florida ecosystems.

Nora and their fur-baby, Cinnamon. Also left behind is his parents and two siblings as well as strong faith he held.

Early Life and Education

Steve Christman was born in Queens during the Depression-era and spent much of his early life caring for younger siblings. From an early age he learned the value of adhering to rules and taking an evidence-based approach in life.

He earned a degree in accounting and worked for Sperry & Hutchinson setting rewards programs. His passion for numbers and accounting led him to become a certified public accountant.

In 2006, he received his first major assignment – umpiring at the Little League World Series game in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. To get this far, all umpires must work the West Regional before getting their chance in Williamsport; sometimes this process can take up to nine years!

He and Duff serve on the Montgomery County Truancy Task Force, an expert panel that works to understand why children are missing school and to stop any of them being sent into juvenile justice systems when they’re doing nothing wrong.

Professional Career

He has over 25 years of experience working in environmental science. Among his duties have been ground water monitoring; collecting samples of landfill leachate and vapor; serving as emergency responder for hazardous materials; designing solid waste recycling programs including yard waste composting systems.

Christman Constructors, Inc. currently employs Like as its President. In this capacity he oversees construction management and labor relations, while spearheading numerous projects like renovating Muskegon’s Frauenthal Theater; Fort Mackinac wall restoration; Notre Dame Main Administration Building restoration; Hillsdale City Hall expansions; and Michigan State Capitol projects among many others.

He has an immense love of nature and working with people, is an avid lifelong learner with varied interests, and holds dear the importance of family and friendships.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Christman serves as President of The Christman Company, where he oversees all aspects of its operations at an executive level. Steve has spearheaded numerous strategic initiatives aimed at expanding business growth; these include real estate development services and portfolio management services.

He has received various honors and awards for both his professional and volunteer activities, including a special recognition from WVU Medicine Berkeley Medical Center in March of 2018 in recognition of their exemplary service to WVU Medicine Berkeley’s mission.

His military service earned him numerous accolades and decorations during Vietnam. He appeared on CNN and other national television programs to discuss military issues; additionally, he has written and lectured on leadership and national security topics.

Personal Life

Steve Christman had many interests: he was an expert in Florida ecosystems, an avid bass tournament fisherman, an accomplished gardener, and passionate conservationist. Additionally, Steve served as a professional umpire for both college-level games (community college and NCAA levels) as well as minor league summer league contests.

Christman said working at a Little League World Series game stands out among his other professional experiences. It took nine years before he was assigned Williamsport; each region only gets one umpire selected each year.

At York Street Baptist Church, he volunteers in their Youth Department. Additionally, he’s part of the North American Business Council and married to Susan with two sons.

Net Worth

Steve Christman was a man with many interests and pursuits. Beginning his adult life as an Army Ranger and Special Forces Green Beret serving in Viet Nam, he went on to earn both his Bachelor’s and Ph.D. degrees in Biology without needing a Master’s. From there, his path led him down an academic route where he achieved prominence as both herpetologist, ornithologist and botanist experts as well as bass tournament fisherman and avid gardener with specialization on native plants.

He leaves behind his wife Nora and fur-baby Cinnamon as his legacy. He was an amazing father and loved his children dearly; all who knew him will miss his presence greatly. A true Renaissance Man with great skill in every endeavor; his motto was ‘Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.” Always looking forward to new challenges.

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