Steve Coin

Steve Coin – A Rare Light Phenomenon Discovered in Canada

Steve Coin is an extraordinary sky phenomenon discovered in Canada. This breathtaking coin displays a stunning arc of violet light which will take your breath away!

Erich quickly established himself as an innovator in the rare coin industry and quickly began selling coins worth more than $1 Million. He is highly attuned to any possible rare coin opportunities and pursues them aggressively.

Early Life and Education

As a collector, Steve was always on the hunt for something extraordinary. He became a market pioneer by buying rare coins others missed at record prices – becoming the first person ever to sell an uncirculated 1794 dollar for over $1 Million!

He wrote articles and price lists for coin collectors. A member of the American Numismatic Association and contributor to Krause-Mishler catalogs, he specialized in world coins with particular knowledge in Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese cast cash coins. As well as being an accomplished scholar in these areas he also performed as a percussionist in two symphonic orchestras and performed as an amateur drummer for various orchestras throughout Long Island; hobbies included hiking, backpacking cycling and astronomy – making for a complete package! His family consisted of wife, children with grandchildren all living under one roof!

Professional Career

Steve began his career in rare coin dealing after graduating college. He attended all major rare coin shows nationwide – about 30 yearly – to buy coins and build relationships with collectors, writing catalogs for coin collections he represented, as well as becoming known for being an expert in ancient Islamic coins.

He has extensive experience representing general contractors, subcontractors, design/builders and owners involved in many notable construction projects across the US in construction related disputes, representing them both in court proceedings as well as arbitration or alternative dispute resolution forums.

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Achievement and Honors

Royal Mint’s Sky Wonders series released a coin depicting an unlikely light phenomenon known as STEVE on 12 March, featuring it with mauve ribbon of light arcing across the night sky designed by Ontario artist Tony Bianco. It was made available for public release.

Stephen is widely recognized for his research into black holes, earning numerous accolades including a Dean’s Coin from UCalgary’s College of Business. Additionally, the Royal Society formally honored his efforts by awarding him fellowship status in recognition of both his research on black holes as well as contributions made towards quantum gravity development.

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Personal Life

Steve is an avid collector who frequently attends rare coin shows across the United States. He loves spending time with his family – wife Marcy, their two sons and Ryder the dog. In addition, Steve loves cheering on his hometown team – the Green Bay Packers!

Steve was also a huge fan of late actor Steven Seagal, so it comes as no surprise that his meme bears his name. An expert in rare coin trading, he travels to over 30 conventions annually in search of rare coins for sale while building relationships with high-end buyers.

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Net Worth

Steve Cohen may be an elite hedge fund leader, yet he also places great importance on maintaining his privacy. Rarely seen on social media or available for interviews, Steve tends to keep himself off of it all.

Cohen heads Point72 Asset Management, a $13 billion hedge fund firm which resumed accepting outside capital again in 2018. Forbes ranks him 35th on their 400 list as one of the wealthiest individuals in America.

His investments and interests include New York Mets baseball, luxury real estate investments and modern art collections. Furthermore, he owns an impressive rare coin collection and has become an expert in that field.

He was one of the founding members of YouTube bros group NELK, which rose to viral popularity through time-sensitive challenges and humorous content creation that earned them millions in earnings.

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