Steve Creamer

Steve Creamer is a Runner and a Political Organizer

Steve Creamer completed the Boston Marathon in honor of his late brother-in-law. He runs five days per week and takes Mondays and Fridays off as rest days.

He serves as Director of the FAA’s Europe, Africa and Middle East Regional Office in Brussels where he advances FAA aviation interests while improving international civil aviation safety and efficiency.

Early Life and Education

Professor Creamer taught geography at Glassboro State College (now Rowan University) for nearly 30 years before setting sail aboard his 36-foot Globe Star vessel and becoming the first person ever to circumnavigate without using navigational instruments. Their epic voyage took them across tumultuous, treacherous seas; through violent storms, long directionless days, freighter traffic jams in shipping lanes, Cape Horn waters that proved treacherous at times and treacherous Strait of Gibraltar crossings.

As well as his professional pursuits, Mr. Hopper enjoys spending time with family and friends. Together with his wife he is proud to be part of Brewton community where they serve as leaders within local organizations; together they are parents to two daughters while avid fans of Philadelphia Phillies, Washington Redskins, and Green Bay Packers sports teams.

Professional Career

Steve Creamer has made a name for himself as a political organizer and strategist over five decades. A partner at Democracy Partners, he has worked on campaigns including health care reform, holding Wall Street accountable, raising minimum wages, increasing overtime pay rates, passing progressive budget priorities, stemming gun violence, and confirming President Obama’s nominees for federal courts and Supreme Court seats.

Creamer spends his free time as a singer with local bands Audley Freed and Truth & Salvage Co, in Nashville. In his spare time he also dabbles with event photography – shooting weddings to babies’ first birthday parties! In his studies of physical training he hopes to one day become a trainer himself; both he and his wife reside there together.

Achievement and Honors

Creamer has found considerable success since moving to Nashville’s East Nashvillian neighborhood with his wife and 1-year-old son in September 2015, raising his profile through performances with Audley Freed & Friends (an all-star lineup covering classic rock) that he leads, as well as carefully crafting his debut solo album to be released this month on vinyl LP at Club Roar under production by Sansone and Josh Shapera; more rock-oriented material can be heard on it which shows off Creamer’s renewed confidence from his experience within Nashville music scene.

Personal Life

Creamer lives in Nashville with his wife Sam and 1-year-old son, and has spent the past few years methodically compiling his debut solo album to be released through Club Roar Records on vinyl on Sept 21. Featuring 12 two-inch analog tape recordings written and co-produced with brother Daniel as well as contributions from East Nashvillians such as Audley Freed (who recruited Creamer to join his band for an all-star night of Led Zep covers), it will include writing contributions by Daniel as well as collaboration from brothers Daniel (writing input from brother Daniel), Daniel provided co-writing input on 12 two inch analog tape recordings with writing contributions by brother Daniel himself (writing input from brother Daniel as co-writing credits from brother Daniel), writing collaboration from brother Daniel as co-writer with Audley Freed.

Creamer recalls growing up in rural Utah and witnessing mushroom clouds from nuclear tests fill the sky with green glow. His goal in purchasing Envirocare was to alter people’s perception and make the waste treatment facility less scary; since acquiring Envirocare, daily tours of Grantsville facility offer tours for residents who wish to educate themselves about its operations and waste collection processes.

Net Worth

Creamer has recently been estimated to have amassed an estimated net worth of approximately $2 Million, thanks to his business acumen and people skills which have allowed him to amass an impressive portfolio of investments and companies, such as EnergySolutions which acts as the “landfill of Fortune 100”, taking in waste from Ford, General Motors, and other large corporations such as Boeing. Creamer is doing all he can to make EnergySolutions more transparent; offering daily tours of their facility in Grantsville for curious passer-by. He is also partner in Western Pacific Group Private Equity firm.

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