Steve Cripps

Steve Cripps

Steve Cripps is an author and engineering consultant for companies like Watkins-Johnson and Loral. With a Ph.D in Microwave Electronics from Cambridge University in England and extensive expertise in GaAsFET hybrid circuit development, his publications on this subject span numerous books on RF power amplifier design.

He created kinetic, mechanical sculptures; presented pyrotechnic performances; and created sound works. His artistic praxis was so diverse and complex that it defies categorization.

Early Life and Education

Steve Cripps is an attorney practicing personal injury and family law. He studied at the University of Miami before earning a juris doctorate. Additionally, Steve is a member of Florida Bar and operates under Orsley & Cripps, P.A. as a partner firm.

He is also the author of a book on microwave power amplifier design and an in-demand speaker, with his work featured in publications like Microwave Journal.

Cripps was known for combining his interest in kinetic sculpture, fireworks, destruction and new forms of music into highly experimental art practices that, due to their risk for audiences and the environment, would be unthinkable today. Most of his concepts were initially rendered on drawings.

Professional Career

Steven Cripps was a Florida attorney specializing in family law and personal injury. He held membership of the Florida Bar and an A/V rating from Martindale-Hubbell; working at Orsley & Cripps P.A in West Palm Beach.

He earned his undergraduate degree at University of California Santa Barbara and master’s from University of British Columbia; additionally completing the Stanford Executive Program.

He is an expert in RF power amplifier design, having written several best-selling books on this subject. Additionally, he serves as an esteemed research professor at Cardiff University and writes the popular “Microwave Bytes” column for Microwave Journal. With more than four decades of experience in high frequency electronics manufacturing, he boasts extensive expertise.

Achievement and Honors

At 195cm, Cripps stands in at the larger end of midfielders; however, his frame allows him to take full advantage of it. One of the top ball winners in the game, Cripps also excels at finding soft spots in defence to intercept passes and steal possession.

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Cripps was an artist whose prolific and diverse artistic praxis defied categorization, much like his person himself. His sculptures made of wood and glass; performances incorporating pyrotechnics; sound works; as well as experiments in film. Cripps’ art cannot be contained or defined easily as it remains an elusive form.

Personal Life

Steve Cripps was married and father to three children, as well as being part of Burning Retna band. Unfortunately, in January 2019, at 45 years old he passed away at his home in Port Alberni, British Columbia leaving behind family, Max the Cat and Teka his faithful companions as he leaves their lives behind him.

Clarke’s meticulous research is evident throughout; he has read all that has been written about Cripps and even consulted obscure private papers; yet while clearly having sympathy with Cripps as a subject, this book remains simply an appreciative biography.

Cripps was an artist whose artistic praxis refused to fit neatly into any one medium during his brief but prolific life. He created kinetic sculptures and machines, staged pyrotechnic performances, experimented with sound, experimented with drawing techniques, produced sound recordings and experimented with sound recordings – his art defied classification as intended by its maker.

Net Worth

Cripps currently plays with the band Brutalists and previously with Faster Pussycat, L.A. Guns, Burning Retna and other groups. He has written many best-selling books on RF Power Amplifier (RFPA) design as well as being a regular contributor to IEEE Microwave Magazine with his popular “Microwave Bytes” column. Cripps holds a Ph.D. from Cambridge University as well as being professor at Cardiff University in Wales in the UK – in addition to being an IEEE Fellow.

His estimated net worth ranges between $1 million – $9 million; most of his income stems from his primary career as a musician.

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