Steve Crutchley

Steve Crutchley – Entrepreneur, Businessman and Aviation Enthusiast

Steve Crutchley is an entrepreneur, businessman and aviation enthusiast living in Pietermaritzburg. He designed and constructed his ultralight aircraft called Cloud Buggy himself.

Before joining UND, Crutchley served as running backs coach at Eau Claire Memorial in 2016 and Western Illinois University from 2013-15, producing two 1,000-yard rushers while helping make it to the FCS playoffs.

Early Life and Education

Crutchley began his early years by dabbling in electronics repair work, earning a living as an electronics repairman. Soon afterwards he developed an interest in flying and joined Pietermaritzburg Aero Club.

After college, he earned a bachelor’s degree in Social Studies and master’s in Sports Management before going on to coach various levels, including junior college level football.

Crutchley kidnapped and sexually assaulted a hitchhiker in Florida in 1985 before drinking half of her blood for himself. Later he made a plea bargain deal to plead to kidnap and rape charges in exchange for dropping those of robbery and grievous bodily harm charges; it is suspected he may also be linked with other missing women cases from that era and eventually released to a halfway house in 1996.

Professional Career

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Final 2 saw fast laps deciding the order, with Beroual-Smith taking off from Pole in his bid for two wins on one day. Clackett proved more determined than ever though and engaged him in an exciting battle for 2nd. James Reveler and Paul Jennings completed the top-6 while Crutchley claimed 8th.

Crutchley gained the UND position after serving as Eau Claire Memorial wide receivers coach in 2016 and as assistant head coach at Western Illinois from 2013-15 – helping a 1,000-yard rusher earn All-MVFC honors on his rookie campaign.

Achievement and Honors

Crutchley joined the University of North Dakota as running backs coach in 2022 after serving as wide receivers coach at Northern Illinois for two seasons between 2017 and 2018. Prior to this appointment, Crutchley had spent six seasons coaching wide receivers at Southern Illinois before taking on his current post with Western Illinois for three years as running backs coach.

He assisted in coaching several 1,000-yard rushers during his time with Missouri Valley Football Conference teams and also worked with special teams at Eau Claire Memorial and UND. He worked to coach their returners as part of special teams duties.

He builds ultralight aircrafts as a hobby in his free time; two such models exist – one powered by a Rotax engine, the other using a Cessna 150 engine with registration ZS-WJC.

Personal Life

Crutchley brings nine years of experience to the Missouri Valley Football Conference. He served as running backs coach at Southern Illinois from 2008-2012 alongside current North Dakota State quarterbacks coach Randy Hedberg. From 2013-15 he coached at Western Illinois where three running backs exceeded one thousand yards annually under his tutelage.

In 2023, he returned to FCS at North Dakota State as wide receiver coach following five seasons at FBS level (Offensive Analyst for Temple from 2019-2021 and Wide Receiver Coach at Northern Illinois for 2017 and 2018 respectively). His coaching career started at St Cloud State back in 2002 where he played wide receiver for Wisconsin-Eau Claire from 1996-1999 while winning two Conference Indoor Relays championships for their track and field team Blugold track and field squad.

Net Worth

His net worth stands at approximately $4 Million. With extensive work experience and being an exceptional leader, he has helped many businesses expand and meet their goals while overseeing several mining projects around the globe.

His Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees come from University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire respectively. As a wide receiver at UW-Eau Claire he captained their conference championship football team while participating in 4×100 meter relay for Blugold track and field team.

He currently holds the title of CEO for Old Mutual in Africa’s largest insurer and earns R87.2 Million as CEO of this multinational organization. His success can be attributed to hard work and devotion throughout his tenure with them, showing they trust him with leading them successfully.

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