Steve Custenborder

Estate Planning Attorney – Steve Custenborder

Steve Custenborder specializes primarily in estate planning and trust administration. He assists his clients in carefully considering all aspects of their estate plans – such as creating trusts, designating guardians and transferring family businesses.

He finished the year with multiple tackles in four out of five games…He exhibits an exceptional combination of speed, intelligence and toughness.

Professional Career

Steve Custenborder offers estate planning services for clients throughout Ohio and Kentucky. He helps his clients develop comprehensive plans that address everything from asset distribution to naming guardians and the succession of family-owned businesses. Steve can also assist his clients in creating private foundations as part of their estate plans for charitable giving purposes.

Eric Keyes will join an experienced defense that features return starters Matt DeGrand (i10) and Steve Custenborder (i11) at outside linebacker positions, with Eric Keyes (12), who is expected to start on his own line.

Achievement and Honors

Custenborder excelled during his time at Wooster, earning first-team all-West Shore Conference honors two years in a row and leading Wooster’s inaugural trip to the playoffs as a senior. In total he made 90 tackles – 10 for loss – as well as two forced fumbles.

He was named to the Ohio All-State team in volleyball along with seniors Maddie Szawranskyj and Shadra Hamsher and juniors Alexis Calhoun and Kelsey Custenborder; additionally he earned an all-state selection in men’s basketball alongside graduate student Alex Arellano as well as seniors Seth Hohman, Bailey Croft, Jacob Logsdon and Kaiden Hammer; these latter four made up his team of all-state selections.

Mary Custenborder was born in Ohio, United States to Mathias Kostenbader and Sarah Custenborder (nee Zimmerman). She had five siblings: Lucinda Coy (also born Custenborder), Catherine Coy, Francis Coy (both also Custenborders) and Mathias Kostenbader.

Personal Life

Steve Custenborder is an engaged member of his local community. He serves on the board of West Shore Conference and has been active with numerous charitable organizations. Steve finds great joy in giving back and enjoys helping others.

He works closely with clients to ensure they are adequately prepared for the future, from disbursing assets and designating guardians to planning for family-owned businesses and including philanthropic giving in an estate plan.

He currently resides at 4585 Oakley Mill Ln, Unit 319 in Cincinnati OH 45209 for around two years since moving there in May of 1988. He has one child at this address; Mary Judith Custenborder is his spouse.

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