Steve Edson

Steve Edson – Award Winning Documentary and Fine Art Photographer

Nesson creates powerful graphic abstractions out of everyday items or images into pure graphic abstractions with his works that line the long gallery wall across from the stairs, featuring bright lines that sweep over dark backgrounds. His pieces demonstrate how he transforms them into pure graphic expression.

One of the most striking exhibits is a 1950s chrome rocket-like caddy. This car’s tail fins perfectly embody Detroit’s culture of cool.

Early Life and Education

Edson Okwelum lived his childhood in rural southeastern Nigeria where education was scarce. Yet his family always encouraged him to seek higher learning; thus he moved frequently in pursuit of this aim.

Steven Edson is a graduate of MassArt’s SIM (The Studio for Inter-related Media). Based out of Boston and studying fine art photography under SIM’s tutelage, his photography encompasses every facet of human experience imaginable – from everyday moments and architecture, travel and design photography -to everyday travel adventures, architecture projects and travel stories – his images are engaging yet moving.

Edson has displayed his work at several shows, most recently at Fort Point Arts Community Gallery’s “Winter Solstice 2022,” a members show. Additionally, pieces of his are in permanent collections as well. Beyond his artistic endeavors, Edson also writes screenplays on assignment as an accomplished screenwriter of 17 screenplays on assignment as well as episodic television scripts.

Professional Career

Steve Edson is an award-winning documentary and fine art photographer who has shot assignments across five continents for clients such as financial services firms, fashion houses, hospitality groups and editorial publications. Recently he has taken to photographing cars at auto shows and dealerships across the US where he seeks extreme close-ups of vehicle design to feature in his images.

Edson is known for creating works that transform physical objects into pure graphic abstractions, like Corn Husks in Snow. These two works complement one another beautifully and demonstrate his masterful use of light and form to create beauty and mystery – capturing mass’ transformation into energy through his artistic technique.

Achievement and Honors

Edson was honored with a finalist spot at the international Black and White Spider Awards, honoring excellence in professional abstract photography. Chairs won second place-Merit of Excellence from this worldwide competition of black-and-white photography competition.

Edson is a 31-year veteran of Syracuse Athletics and serves as Director of Communications and Public Relations. In this capacity, she oversees media operations while handling day-to-day public relations responsibilities for women’s basketball. Additionally, Edson sits on both the Greater Syracuse Sports Hall of Fame Board of Directors as well as Women’s Fund of Central New York Leadership Council.

Steven Edson of Boston-based fine art photography specializes in images that capture fleeting moments in time, exploring transitional spaces where both people and land coexist in an ever-evolving relationship. His work has been shown all around the globe.

Personal Life

He has completed assignments across five continents for financial, consulting, fashion and hospitality clients as well as editorial publications.

His artwork has been featured in various galleries and shows. Additionally, he is actively involved with several photography groups, with an emphasis on street portraiture, fine art portraiture and automotive images in his artwork.

Pele and Sandra reside in Santos, Brazil with their three children – two sons and a daughter – living together as an extended family. While Pele keeps his private life private on social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook, public records reveal that his offspring play soccer just like him. Sandra herself is an author; having published a memoir detailing their tumultuous relationship. In Syracuse she serves on various boards and committees in addition to writing books.

Net Worth

Edson first joined Konk, an art rock band comprising Snuky Tate on drums and trumpeter Tono Rondone on trumpet, during the early ’80s. Later he also performed with San Francisco bands The Offs and Alterboys on either drums or trumpet.

Later he expanded into manufacturing jerseys for local football clubs, growing his business until eventually it was transformed into JAM Sports – an estimated net worth of over $1 billion today.

Edson lives comfortably with his wife Sofia Toache and daughter Valentina Alvarez in a luxurious apartment in the Netherlands. Sofia Toache frequently shares captivating images of both herself and Valentina Alvarez on social media; additionally she maintains an influential Instagram account with over 128k loyal followers that features daring bikini shots that she is known for posting online.

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