Steve Feeney

Steve Feeney, Tax Manager at Tonneson

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He was recognized for his contributions to protein chemistry and celebrated by students from around the world at a special ceremony. Furthermore, he was an enthusiastic philanthropist.

Early Life and Education

Feeney began his professional life as a radio operator for the United States Army before going on to launch several successful business ventures and earn significant sums of money through them. A very smart individual with keen instincts, Feeney made millions through these ventures and achieved financial independence as a result.

In 1984, Feeney decided to donate nearly all his fortune to Atlantic Philanthropies through his philanthropy process in order to have an impactful effect on people around the globe in various ways.

As an inspiring figure, he encouraged other billionaires such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffett to donate their wealth for charitable purposes. His legacy will likely live on through new generations of entrepreneurs and dreamers inspired by him; he is survived by his wife Bonnie.

Professional Career

Feeney brings over seven years of public accounting experience to Tonneson as Tax Manager and works with contractors, real estate investment, real estate development firms and professional services firms among others. He enjoys working closely with each of his clients in devising strategies to reduce tax liabilities.

He is also a member of his college’s Phi Theta Kappa Beta Psi Pi Chester County chapter and has done volunteer work at local animal rescue. For this effort he earned the 2022 Coca-Cola Leaders of Promise Scholarship.

He looks forward to continuing his career at the club and helping build an elite women’s squad. Additionally, he’s thrilled about competing in the Women’s National League; hopefully his team can go all the way.

Achievement and Honors

Feeney, known for his decades-long career in film production and post-production, takes particular pleasure in his teachings of many students under his tutelage. Alongside Petro Vlahos and Albert Ridilla he co-authored chapters on bluescreen/greenscreen compositing in both The American Cinematographer Manual and The Visual Effects Society Handbooks.

Feeney’s generous gifts of time and stealth philanthropy have inspired an entire generation of young entrepreneurs and doers. Many – Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff among them – credit Feeney as having inspired their own philosophy of Giving While Living. In recognition of this enduring service, Tom Bennett created an award called Boundless in recognition of Feeney’s contributions; additionally he is one of the founding board members for Teach for America which places recent college grads into some of America’s toughest school districts.

Personal Life

Feeney emerged from his modest upbringing to develop an astonishing talent in protein chemistry and become one of the world’s foremost experts on “antifreeze proteins.” Furthermore, his remarkable professional achievements were also distinguished as outstanding professor.

Atlantic Philanthropies was led by a passionate philanthropist – Bill Gates was often inspired by their dedication to “Giving While Living”; over time, Atlantic Philanthropies disbursed billions in grants – making a tremendous impactful difference on lives all over the globe.

Dr. Steven Feeney, an Internal Medicine specialist located in Sioux City, Iowa and with over 41 years of experience. He graduated from University of South Dakota’s Sanford School Of Medicine before going on to practice at MercyOne Sioux City.

Net Worth

Steven has been with Quilter and its predecessor companies since 1998 and has overseen the growth of Quilter’s affluent business, successfully migrating 450,000 customers and PS65bn AUM across three phases. Additionally, he was instrumental in leading Quilter’s platform transformation program.

Faced with many philanthropists – like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Salesforce’s Marc Benioff – who promise to disperse their wealth only after death, Feeney decided to act while still alive by disbursing billions through Atlantic Philanthropies Foundation anonymously.

As such, he inspired people to think big and quickly solve issues–from creating peace in Northern Ireland to turning New York’s Roosevelt Island into a technology hub. Now living a modest apartment while receiving Medicare insurance.

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