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Orthodontist – Steve Giannoutsos

Steve Giannitsos is an orthodontist who takes great pleasure in using his skills to help others look their best. His practices focus heavily on providing excellent patient experiences.

He specializes in craniofacial orthodontics and loves helping his patients smile brighter. His office has received outstanding reviews on Healthgrades, while he treats various conditions.

Early Life and Education

Giannoutsos grew up in Jackson Heights, Queens and has always wanted to become a dentist. After graduating from college with an undergraduate degree in biology, he decided to follow his dreams of becoming an orthodontist by enrolling at NYU College of Dentistry for DDS and orthodontic training. His hard work paid off; he graduated at the top of his class! Dr. Giannoutsos received her training in craniofacial, cleft and special needs orthodontics with Dr. Derek Steinbacher – an internationally acclaimed reconstructive plastic surgeon. Steinbacher prefers working with orthodontists who specialize in cleft palate and craniofacial rehabilitation; Giannoutsos fits this profile well, possessing both skills and experience in this area. Together with Newman, Giannoutsos now owns several practices across New York City that place great emphasis on patient experience and satisfaction.

Professional Career

Efstathios Giannoutsos (better known by his nickname of Steve) is an orthodontist with extensive training and experience working with patients suffering from cleft palate and other facial deformities. Additionally, his specialty lies within craniofacial orthodontics making him the go-to expert when surgeons require an orthodontist as part of complex reconstruction procedures.

Mr. Newman and he share multiple practices focused on providing exceptional care, with each believe that orthodontics is an art form for the human face, helping their patients create beautiful smiles.

Giannoutsos and Newman take great pride in offering patients an outstanding patient experience at their practices, treating each person with equal consideration and consideration. This approach has brought in many new patients.

Personal Life

As a child, David Rodriguez was born with severely crooked teeth and lisp. After trying braces as a solution to realign his jaw, his parents eventually turned to Dr. Efstathios “Steve” Giannoutsos of Georgetown and Norwalk Orthodontics; Giannoutsos’ sub-specialty in cranio-facial orthodontics allows him to work alongside surgeons during facial reconstruction processes.

Giannoutsos has become widely respected for his research into treating children with cleft and lip deformities, leading him to participate in a craniofacial orthodontic fellowship program. This specialty gives him a distinct edge in working with special needs patients; and has found his calling by devoting himself and his staff alike to continuing education programs.

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