Steve Hinman

Steve Hinman

Steve Hinman is an esteemed theoretical physicist known for his contributions in particle physics and physical cosmology. He holds membership with both the National Academy of Sciences in America as well as Britain’s Royal Society, making him an exceptional scholar.

Steve Heinemann has written numerous books on leadership. His book on radical management, Leader’s Guide to Radical Management was chosen as one of the best business books by 800-CEO-READ in 2010. His practice is founded in essentialism and contemplation.

Early Life and Education

Heineman was an attorney specializing in complex commercial litigation and white collar criminal defense. He held positions at Societe Generale (where he served as General Counsel-Americas) as well as Debevoise & Plimpton. Today he serves as Chief Compliance and Legal Officer of SVB Securities.

Heinemann and his group were pioneers in successfully cloning glutamate receptors from mammalian brain tissue, an achievement which enabled researchers to better understand their roles in excitatory transmission and neuropsychiatric disease. His work also resulted in the isolation of antibodies used now to study neuromuscular junction synapses as model structures for those found elsewhere in the brain.

Heinemann is also an esteemed ceramic artist renowned for his works being displayed at numerous museums and galleries worldwide, such as London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, Boston Museum Of Fine Arts, Icheon World Ceramic Centre (Korea), National Museum Of History Taiwan (Taiwan) and Rotterdam Museum Boymans van Beuningen (Rotterdam). In 1983 Heinemann earned his MFA at Alfred University of New York.

Professional Career

Steve was an accomplished speaker who presented at major industry meetings and conventions around the globe, as well as offering webinars and podcasts which have been seen by thousands of businesses and organizations looking to increase productivity.

Heinemann’s lab was one of the pioneering efforts in cloning glutamate receptors from mammalian cells, leading to greater insight into their roles in synaptic transmission, neural plasticity and neurological and neuropsychiatric diseases.

Outside his professional life, Steve was known as an enormously generous scientific father to over one hundred trainees around the globe. Additionally, he served as partner of RBC Dain Rauscher’s Sports Professional Group which advised professional athletes on wealth management matters. Furthermore, Steve owned and managed his own martial arts studio in Roseville, California.

Achievement and Honors

Since his first solo exhibition at the Ontario Crafts Council in 1982, Heinemann has shown both nationally and internationally. His works can be found in institutions such as Victoria & Albert Museum, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Icheon World Ceramic Centre in South Korea, Museum Boymans van Beuningen in Rotterdam and Contemporary Museum Honolulu among many others. In 1996 Heinemann received the Saidye Bronfman Award.

He has served as a guest lecturer at Harvard, Yale, University of Wisconsin and Switzerland’s International Management Institute. Additionally, he chaired a panel at the annual Drucker Forum which serves as the global conference on general management issues.

At Heinemann, he published two of his books: Sensible Mathematics and Accessible Math in 2012 and 2009 respectively. Most recently, in 2021, Invigorating High School Mathematics: 13 Steps to Teacher Empowerment was released.

Personal Life

Heinemann lives in rural northeast Oregon. His hobbies include painting and writing. Additionally, he has published books on leadership and management as part of the Drucker Forum, an annual conference that brings together some of the top management thought leaders from around the globe.

He works from his own custom-designed studio using an ancient brick kiln he renovated himself for his art practice. His works neither reflect contemporary trends or conceptual thought but rather an air of cool detachment and obsessive detail that demonstrates an obsession for form and materiality that cannot be contained by mere notions alone.

Stephen Hinman began life as an ambitious wanderer, contemplator, and storyteller. Along his journey he found a companion in Durango Pete whose cheerful disposition and capacity for conversation have added so much joy and contentment to his own existence.

Net Worth

Hinman earns a competitive salary at KCCI-TV in Iowa as a news anchor, helping him keep a substantial net worth. Since 1989 he has reported the lives of central Iowa residents. For his efforts he has received multiple awards such as an Edward R. Murrow Award.

Hinman spends much of his free time engaging in crossfit training and competing in the CrossFit Games; this keeps him fit throughout the year. Additionally, he has participated in seven Ironman triathlons, winning several including in Texas and Syracuse.

He is an active investor and has founded various businesses like Urban Life Athletics, Healthy Grain and XO Taco. He enjoys investing in ventures he believes in and seeing it flourish over time.

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