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Holbrook now runs an expansive insurance business and enjoys an exemplary family life; his journey, however, was fraught with difficulty and failures.

An unforgettable event was an antiwar march held during one of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ biannual General Conferences.

Early Life and Education

Holbrook spent his early years surrounded by teachers. Both his parents were educators, while most of his family members worked in education. While initially not interested in becoming teachers themselves, as he aged he found himself drawn towards it through various influences.

Antiwar protest groups allowed him to gain power and become the unofficial leader of Utah’s group of pacifists. Utilizing his platform as an educator of inaccuracies reported in media, and pushing local governments for greater tolerance of varying opinions to be expressed more frequently was part of his success story.

Holbrook runs an established insurance business where he trains and mentors other representatives, while also writing a popular blog to encourage his readers to be intentional about their goals and never abandon their dreams.

Professional Career

Holbrook hosts a business blog and YouTube channel dedicated to helping professionals dream bigger for their careers. He tours across North America sharing his personal story to inspire others to live the best possible lives. An avid runner himself, Holbrook keeps himself mentally fit through running as well as counseling people living with Crohn’s disease in hospitals by encouraging them to remain positive and never give up hope.

Holbrook and Johnshoy began teaching together at Pioneer Elementary School when it opened its doors in 1991, and intend to retire when their retirement ages come up. Both plan on missing their students as they have created many relationships over time – in fact they keep photos from every sixth grade class they taught on display in their classroom walls!

Achievement and Honors

Holbrook quickly immersed himself in antiwar protests and quickly rose through the ranks of Michigan’s antiwar movement. He assisted in organizing rallies and advocating for more sensitive Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints attitudes regarding civil rights issues.

He also helped the Rippy Literacy Center become an impactful program and collaborated with Lehi Arts to encourage community involvement in their projects. Additionally, he served on the city council and actively engaged in preserving Lehi’s history by organizing parades for Round-up city celebrations.

Steve Holbrook is widely recognised as one of the UK’s premier clairaudient mediums and recently returned home following a tour that took him across theatres and hotels throughout Britain and even the Caribbean. His ability to convey messages from loved ones who have passed over helps people understand that life doesn’t end at death; rather it simply transitions into another dimension.

Personal Life

Holbrook is an active social media influencer with an enormous online following, who conducts corporate trainings focusing on mental toughness leadership.

Life path number six symbolizes love, affection and care. He enjoys helping weak and vulnerable members of society who need assistance and has great empathy for those experiencing hardship.

He is an exceptionally gifted clairaudient medium who believes our loved ones do not die, but simply move to another dimension. Holbrook stands apart from many spiritual mediums by not seeing spirits but instead hearing their messages directly.

He regularly visits hospitals to counsel patients suffering from the same illness, encouraging them to have faith and remain positive during treatment, as well as to adapt and embrace their new way of living post-therapy.

Net Worth

Steve Holbrook is estimated to have amassed an estimated net worth of approximately $1 Million through his professional athletic career and social media channels.

He has amassed an enormous following on TikTok through creating tutorial videos. His channel, called HolbrooksWorld, now boasts over 500,000 followers.

He is also a passionate supporter of various charitable causes; specifically brain tumour research which he has raised thousands for.

He is a father to two young children and enjoys spending time on the beach with them and taking breaks from work to relax and unwind – something which he feels helps keep his life balanced and in balance.

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