Steve Huesing

Steve Huesing Net Worth

As a journalist for various publications, he earns an estimated net worth of $5.5 Million from his profession.

He and his partner are in a romantic partnership and often post pictures on social media showing they look genuinely happy together. Hailing from Michigan and proud to call America home.

Early Life and Education

Steve Huesing was born and raised in the United States. He attended West Ottawa High School in Holland before graduating from Davenport University. Now employed with ULTA Beauty as Director of Merchandising Operations as well as serving as Interim President of Marriage Equality USA of Chicago as Interim President; PetSmart’s Vice President of Planning is another one of his many roles.

He lives with LZ Granderson and their family in Detroit, Michigan and takes an interest in following politics and sports.

Granderson is in a committed relationship with Huesing; however, they don’t enjoy all of the same rights that heterosexual couples do in Michigan. Still, they enjoy life together immensely as both are passionate about their careers and eager to share their opinions with the world.

Professional Career

Steve Huesing is an award-winning health informatics expert, having collaborated with various organizations within healthcare. He served as founding President and Executive Director of COACH (Canada’s Health Informatics Association). Furthermore, Steve was actively involved with creating health informatics curriculum at several universities and colleges – garnering several awards and scholarships along the way.

At present, he serves as the Merchandising Operations Director of Ulta Beauty and interim president of Chicago Marriage Equality USA organization. Additionally, he sits on the board of PetSmart. Moreover, he has made headlines recently due to his relationship with LZ Granderson who works as a sports journalist for ESPN and CNN – they’ve been seen many times on social media platforms together but there have yet to be details regarding any possible marriage details between them.

Achievement and Honors

Huesing earned numerous honors and awards throughout his career. As founding members of IMIA and COACH, as well as making significant contributions to health informatics. Furthermore, he was known to write prolifically while giving many talks.

He has served on several organizations’ boards, such as PetSmart and Marriage Equality USA. Furthermore, he currently acts as ULTA Beauty’s Merchandising Operations Director.

He graduated from West Ottawa High School and Davenport University. LZ Granderson, an ESPN and CNN journalist and his family include two avid supporters of LGBTQ rights who work together to spread awareness through various publicity campaigns and visibility events. They can often be seen smiling happily together on social media!

Personal Life

Steve Huesing is in a relationship with award-winning ESPN and CNN journalist LZ Granderson and they live happily with their son Isaiah. LZ Granderson has long been an advocate for LGBT rights; winning several GLAAD Media Awards for online journalism as well as being recognized by National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association both 2008 and 2010.

Born and raised in Holland, Michigan. Graduate of West Ottawa High School before receiving his B.A. at Davenport University. Currently the director of merchandising operations at ULTA Beauty while also acting as interim president for Chicago Marriage Equality USA.

He and his partner are deeply in love with one another and often post photos on social media depicting themselves looking very contented.

Net Worth

LZ Granderson, an esteemed journalist, has amassed an immense fortune from his career. He currently works for ESPN and LA Times as senior writer/columnist; co-host of SportsNation on ESPN; contributor for Outside the Lines, Around the Horn and SportsCenter programs; plus numerous others.

He currently writes columns for CNN as an openly gay person with one son from his previous marriage to a woman – Isaiah. Currently he is in a relationship with Steve Huesing who serves as both the Merchandising Operations Director at ULTA Beauty and Interim President of Chicago Marriage Equality USA.

Steve Huesing is an American and currently resides in Chicago, Illinois. He graduated from West Ottawa High School before enrolling at Davenport University for further studies.

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