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Artist Profile – Steve Immel

Steve Immel has been photographing since the 1960s, specializing in classic black and white photography as influenced by mid-century masters such as Edward Weston, Paul Strand, Margaret Bourke-White and Wynn Bullock. Each frame he creates serves as a discrete design project where elegance and balance are his primary goals.

Steve is a seasoned veteran in the additive manufacturing (AM) industry, having held leadership roles at 3D Systems, Materialise and Jabil Additive where he oversaw their Additive Manufacturing Lab and established their Additive Academy.

Early Life and Education

Steve Immel was born and educated at Ocala High School before attending the University of Florida to earn his Bachelor’s in Finance and Political Science. Following graduation he embarked on his investment advisor career with clients treating them like family.

Steve began studying photography since the 1960s, initially self-teaching himself before studying under Edward Weston, Paul Strand, Margaret Bourke-White and Wynn Bullock’s black and white techniques of their black-and-white masterworks such as Edward Weston’s “American Photographs,” Paul Strand’s “Paul Strand Photographs”, Margaret Bourke White’s ‘Margaret Bourke White Photographs” as examples of classic masters; such as Edward Weston. With each frame treated as discreet design project with elegance as its primary objective, Steve practices art with graceful composition as its primary goal.

His work has been featured in various exhibitions. His artwork is represented by The Wilder Nightingale Gallery in Taos and Rush Creek Editions in Santa Fe.

Professional Career

Steve Immel is a self-taught photographer whose work draws heavily upon midcentury masters such as Edward Weston, Paul Strand, Margaret Bourke-White and Wynn Bullock. With an emphasis on graceful compositions with clear tonal range and wide tonal range, his wet darkroom prints include full frame images printed with great care taken to detail.

He enjoys vegetable gardening, canning and using cast iron Dutch ovens when it comes to cooking. In his free time he also designs landscapes part time. Since 2008 he has joined our team as Landscape Construction Crew Foreman.

Immel has an exceptional talent for estimating construction estimates, and his skills ensure accurate preconstruction budgets and bids. His estimating experience is especially invaluable to clients seeking reliable cost estimation sources; furthermore, he possesses an innate knack for quickly grasping complex projects with their inherent complexities.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Immel is one of the most beloved and highly esteemed artists in America. Since 2014, he has participated in both solo and group exhibitions represented by numerous art galleries.

His work is an ode to light and shadow, as expressed in patterns, textures, and forms. Inspired by mid-century masters like Edward Weston, Paul Strand, Margaret Bourke-White and Wynn Bullock; each frame is treated as a discrete design project with graceful composition being his main goal.

At Materialise, Immel utilizes his vast CAD and 3D printing experience to build business and technology relationships in North America. He’s passionate about how additive manufacturing is revolutionizing design innovation and society as a whole.

Personal Life

Steve Immel finds pleasure in reading, playing guitar and exercise as part of his personal routine. A regular contributor to The Jesuit Post and spiritual director for Kairos retreat programs for students through university campuses worldwide, Steve works as an additive manufacturing consultant as well as being a member of The Society of Jesus.

Robert is an advocate of classic black and white photography and offers particular acknowledgement to mid-century masters like Edward Weston, Paul Strand and Margaret Bourke-White. His photography practice emphasizes elegant compositions printed full frame. No longer burdened by large format film weight constraints, Robert now shoots more frequently and explores fresh perspectives through projects like Fog Series or Sketches of Winter portfolios.

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