Steve Lowenstein was an esteemed scholar, teacher and social worker who died of pancreatic cancer over a decade ago. He left behind his wife, two children (Ruth Lowenstein Glasser and Kenneth Lowenstein) as well as nine grandchildren.

His work revealed his deep interest in language and dialectic variation as well as an ability to recognize variations within apparent uniformity.

Early Life and Education

Steve Lowenstein was a man of remarkable character. He believed in treating his employees with respect and creating an atmosphere of hard work and loyalty among his workforce. At a time when workers were often mistreated, Lowenstein pioneered fair labor practices in his Brooklyn paint store.

Lowenstein dedicated his life to research and scholarship. He published many scholarly articles and books, such as a comprehensive demographic history of German Jewry that expanded and deepened on work originally done by Hebrew University demographer Professor Usiel Oscar Schmetz.

As well as his academic pursuits, JHL dye labs was also under his leadership. Their Reinforcing Dye formula produced superior colorfastness when compared with natural undyed furs – and became a formidable competitor on the international marketplace.

Professional Career

Lowenstein also has a distinguished background in musical theatre, having performed roles at regional theatres across New York. At Cazenovia College he teaches acting, musical directing and stage management classes while simultaneously directing and choreographing plays at Merry-Go-Round theatre in Auburn and Syracuse Stage as well as other locations across Central New York.

Lowenstein made many contributions to medical education during his time as a professor, such as overseeing the reorganization of curricular governance and founding UCSF’s epilepsy research lab. He was also an outspoken supporter of students, staff and faculty of color.

Steve is a relentless litigator, representing life sciences and technology companies in patent infringement, product liability, mass torts, trade secret disputes and other complex litigation matters at trial and appellate levels.

Achievement and Honors

Lowenstein was best known for his ability to reconcile seemingly divergent positions and craft them into nuanced distinction. His contributions in German Jewish history won wide acclaim, particularly his groundbreaking book on this subject called The Jewish Cultural Tapestry that highlighted its diverse tradition across five continents while maintaining unity.

After retiring from teaching and writing, Lowenstein became a social worker for drug addicts on Skid Row in Los Angeles for 10 years, writing his memoir of his late wife Marilyn as well. Lowenstein earned several prestigious honors and awards for his achievements and community service work which served as examples for others to follow him in his work. His dedication served as an exemplar to those he inspired throughout his work life.

Personal Life

Lowenstein left his academic career behind to work alongside drug addicts and homeless people on Skid Row, providing him with new perspectives that helped reveal that 18th century Jewish communities contained much greater diversity than had been assumed by earlier scholars.

Lowenstein published The Jewish Cultural Tapestry, winning the National Jewish Book Award with it. This work presented a comprehensive survey of local Jewish custom or minhagim and was his final great work of distinction; Ruth Lowenstein Glasser and Kenneth Lowenstein remain as his testament. Sadly, Lowenstein passed away from pancreatic cancer at his Los Angeles residence.

Net Worth

Multimillionaire who owns several Bermudan companies including Axis Capital Holdings Ltd and Axis Specialty Ltd as well as serving on the board of directors at ACE INA Holdings and owns a home in Tucker’s Town,

Lowenstein was one of the foremost Jewish scholars ever to publish a major work, “The Jewish Cultural Tapestry.” The book captured the diversity of Jewish life on five continents while at the same time showing how unity could exist despite apparent diversity.

He has an impressive track record in public service and philanthropy, including founding and chairing the Portland chapter of the American Jewish Committee and serving on Oregon Legal Services’ trustee board as trustee chairperson. Additionally, he served on both Ford Foundation’s board as well as Peace Corps’ advisory board. Furthermore, he owns shares of Bermuda-registered SeaDrill & Frontline Ltd that own oil tankers and drills.

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