Steve McElroy

Ashley and Steve McElroy – Finalists for the 2021 Trial Lawyer of the Year Award

Ventura County Trial Lawyers Association announced Ashley and Steve as two finalists for 2021’s Trial Lawyer of the Year Award, honoring attorneys who have demonstrated exceptional skill and excellence during a significant case.

McElroy rose to fame after one of his paintings was chosen for Mattel’s art-themed series alongside Andy Warhol’s Barbie, and has since been collected by Rosie O’Donnell, Absolute Vodka and Mercedes-Benz among others.

Early Life and Education

McElroy is a self-taught artist who uses oils, India ink and fine pencil in his artworks. All pieces are created entirely by hand without assistance from assistants; furthermore he insists on never employing digital techniques or tools in his creations.

He is well known for his original oil and pencil paintings that have been widely exhibited, featured in magazines and even broadcasted live on television and radio programs.

Recently, he and Ashley Parris collaborated in Los Angeles to try a case, earning a $5.5 million verdict for traumatic brain injury of one of their clients. Both attorneys were named finalists in 2021 VCTLA Trial Lawyer of the Year Award – this distinction goes only to top 5% trial attorneys across California.

Professional Career

McElroy is an award-winning painter whose works span different styles and mediums. His paintings are highly detailed, using hand brushes, fine pencil, and Indian ink to complete them – always working on each painting himself rather than hiring an assistant to assist him.

His art primarily encompasses abstracts, landscapes and portraits of people. His landscapes often use vivid colors and various materials. Additionally, he has done series of portraits featuring people and their pets.

McElroy has been named as a Super Lawyer every year since 2022 and was recently nominated by the Ventura County Trial Lawyers Association as Trial Lawyer of the Year, alongside Ashley Parris who has also been nominated. This honor bestows upon them both an accolade worth celebrating.

Achievement and Honors

McElroy has won two FedEx Cup titles – in 2012 and 2021. Additionally, he has won 10 events on both tours – his career earnings surpassing EUR10 million making him one of the youngest golfers ever to achieve such an accomplishment.

Troup Independent School District Region VII Board of the Year for his commitment to youth and community events and his strategic planning work which helped the district create a framework for its future.

He graduated with distinction from Officer Training School at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas and was assigned to Vandenberg AFB’s Missile Instrumentation Directorate under 1st Strategic Aerospace Division where he has held his current assignment – serving as missile-borne instrumentation engineer for Burner II and Defense Meteorological Satellite systems.

Personal Life

McElroy hails from Texas and has become a celebrated artist. His original paintings can be found in the collections of Mattel, Rosie O’Donnell and Absolut Vodka among many private collectors around the country and beyond.

Attentive to each case and sympathetic in listening to clients’ accounts of human experiences that have had an effect on their lives, he dedicates all his attention to fully comprehend each case before proceeding further with treatment or evaluation.

His commitment to serving justice for his clients is equalled only by his devotion to family and friends, being both proud parents of two children as well as an avid volleyball player. Tobie is an invaluable addition to MPTL’s team. She handles reception duties such as mail management and calendaring before document management is delegated by MPTL staff members. In the near future she plans on enrolling at Paralegal School while looking forward to her continued growth within MPTL.

Net Worth

McElroy’s artwork often incorporates positive imagery derived from nature, music and cultures of the world. He has sold his original paintings through Mattel as part of their limited edition series for sale; one early interpretation of Barbie by him can be seen alongside Andy Warhol’s original in the home of former Chairman Jill Barad in Bel Air, California. Furthermore, Rosie O’Donnell, Absolute Vodka, Mercedes-Benz and Madonna among many other collectors have purchased originals by McElroy including both private collectors as well as public collectors both within America and worldwide.

As well as his art, Justin also co-hosts two podcasts ‘Doomsday Prepping’ and ‘Bunker Buddies’ with his brother Justin. Together they also work as part of YouTube comedy duo Full Metal Jacket; their show has an innovative “no bummers” rule in order to avoid answering questions with sad or depressing responses.

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