Steve Minnier

Steve Minnier – A Businessman With a PhD in Chemistry

Steve Minnier serves as Vice President at PSC Metals, a Waste Treatment, Environmental Services & Recycling company headquartered out of Mayfield Heights in Ohio.

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Early Life and Education

Stefan Zmaj (Steve), born February 2nd 1939 in Yugoslavia to three sisters and two brothers. After immigrating through Ellis Island and Chicago in 1951, they settled in Parma Heights Ohio. Steve began swimming competitively at Berea Midpark Swim Club and Team Viking as a teenager, participating in district championship and multiple state medal-winning teams. Steve attributes his success to supportive teachers who understood the challenges swimmers faced balancing academics with rigorous training schedules both before and after school. In 1974, Steve received an Honors Diploma from Saint Ignatius College with honors. Later that same year he married Betty; together they raised six children Veronica (deceased due to crib death), Stefan (deceased due to crib death), Kristine, Mike Paul and Mindy.

Professional Career

Minnier has extensive experience as both an executive for several Fortune 500 companies and military service member, having previously served in health care and aerospace fields. Additionally, he worked as an attorney before returning home to Orange County California and sailing his Monterey Express Cruiser.

Last season, he was one of the best pitchers in the Premier Rugby Winter League (PRWL), and boasted an outstanding record with Lincoln Saltdogs. Since then, he has worked tirelessly and looks forward to another fantastic campaign with Lincoln Saltdogs.

PSC Metals in Mayfield Heights employs him as a Vice-President-level Executive with an impressive background; he’s an invaluable asset to their organization as both leader and mentor to many.

Achievement and Honors

Minier enjoys merging his love for dance and his PhD research in chemistry into one powerful hobby. Recently he won the 13th Annual Dance Your PhD Contest which challenges participants to use interpretive dancing to present their thesis research. Minier won with an innovative video that featured animation, tutting and breaking dance styles that represented his research into biomimetic carboxylate-bridged diiron complexes.

At UM, Miner excelled as a tight end on the Miner football team and was honored with induction into its Athletic Hall of Fame. Additionally, he won the Rose Staiman Memorial Award given out for outstanding brotherhood and service to college. Furthermore, he became one of only three horror directors to direct more than one “Big Three” film (House from 1985 and Friday the 13th sequels).

Personal Life

Steve Minnier was an acclaimed businessman and contractor. He served on both the Mary Hoganoth Elementary School Board as a member and in Vermont’s House of Representatives as the Degree One Representative from Adisison-1 District. Steve enjoyed motorcycles and farming; making people laugh was his specialty; as was passing along funny messages with humor.

Debra Winkler of Minier, Illinois and Kevin Winkler of Olney, Illinois are his children; each attending Lake Ridge Christian Church. Additionally he serves on Pleasant Meadows Christian Village Board and belongs to Men’s Bible Study groups. Debra lives near Minier while Kevin lives near Olney with six grandchildren between them.

He currently works for PSC Metals, a Waste Treatment, Environmental Services & Recycling company founded in 1889 with an estimated workforce of 645. In this role as Vice President at this organization,

Net Worth

He and his family are among Nashville’s wealthiest citizens, owning several downtown properties such as Second Fiddle, The Stage and Nashville Crossroads. Additionally, they hold sole or shared control of approximately 48.5 million shares of Ingram Content which provides on-demand printing and digital delivery services for Barnes & Noble, Amazon and various publishers.

Businessman with an aptitude for turning around troubled companies. Active contributor to celebrity news website with unique perspective and analytical approach in writing articles about celebrities.

He has an exquisite sense of humor, frequently injecting wit into his writing. His most recent effort will be a biography on Quade Cooper – set for publication late 2018. They began dating on 15 September 2017 and married later that same year.

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