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Sherry Shriner – A Biography of Steven Schreiner

Sherry Shriner was an alien-reptile cult leader who died on 28 January 2021 and self-proclaimed herself to be an “emissary of the highest God”. She became famous for her publications and talks focused on fighting Satan.

He has extensive experience leading the development and design for major renovations of laboratory, classroom and support spaces at both TCNJ and Western New England University, and is widely considered an accreditation expert.

Early Life and Education

Steven Schreiner was born and raised in Moundridge, Kansas before graduating high school in 2001 and enrolling at North Central Kansas Technical College in Beloit. Since then he has been married to Anna Wagoner, and they are raising four children together; two sons and two daughters with one stepson each. Steven enjoys being outdoors and making people laugh; he’s often described as the life of any party! Everyone around him knows and adores him dearly.

He brings over three decades of financial management experience, having held various leadership roles at SunTrust and its predecessor institutions.

As well as his teaching duties, Mr. Davis is active in community service projects and serves on local boards. In 2010, he was recognized with the Golden Apple Teacher award. Additionally, Mr. Davis encourages his students to support each other and helps form friendships among peers.

Professional Career

Shane brings years of experience across a wide range of business and litigation matters. He has successfully briefed and argued numerous appeals, including before the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit and Oregon Court of Appeals.

He has extensive expertise in corporate and financing transactions, as well as litigation over valuations, earn-outs, indemnities and other issues arising from them. In addition, he has advised clients on information security and privacy matters relating to response to breaches and compliance with applicable laws.

As well as his legal practice, Mr. Leung also served as dean and department chair at TCNJ and Western New England University, helping develop numerous innovative academic programs including integrative-STEM graduate studies as well as engineering undergraduate degree programs with public policy components.

Achievement and Honors

Sherry Shriner was an online cult leader who led followers in understanding reptilian aliens, NATO death squads and other conspiracy theories. Beginning by writing books and hosting seminars before moving onto social media platforms such as Facebook in 2000s. Unfortunately she died suddenly on January 28, 2021 due to a heart attack.

Sherry Shriner amassed an online following quickly, encouraging others to spread her beliefs. Her cult claimed that reptile aliens were taking over Earth and orgone can help dispel demons, clones, and zombies from dominating humanity.

Kelly Pingilley was among her disciples; in December 2012 she was found dead after taking 30 sleeping pills at one time. Kelly believed she received warnings from God Yahuah that the end was near and took it upon herself to warn others about its approach.

Personal Life

Shriner has amassed an extensive following who seek her guidance and seek answers through conversations she claims are held with Lucifer, or Satan as they know it, regarding spiritual matters as well as plans he has for America.

Sherry Shriner is a controversial figure who claims that alien reptiles have taken control of earth, and that orgone can provide the power necessary to destroy them.

Her cult has also claimed that Barbara Rogers was killed by NASA death squads when she took her own life in December 2017 at a snowy wildlife park. A Christmas Carol troupes initially decided to proceed without Shriner but eventually decided against this after learning she is listed among Maryland’s registered sexual offenders.

Net Worth

Shriner is best known for founding the Alien Reptile Cult and proclaiming herself to be a messenger for possibly the highest God. Additionally, she established a group on Facebook where she could spread her strange ideas and prophecies amongst other members.

People widely hold Sherry Shriner responsible for Steve Mineo’s death in 2017. Allegedly, Sherry became jealous of Steve and his girlfriend and expelled both from their cult as aliens on Earth.

Interview was her most controversial work as it detailed an encounter she had with Lucifer or Satan himself, in which they discussed an array of subjects from spiritual matters to his intentions for American government.

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