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Probate Attorney Steve Spitzer

Steve Spitzer brings over 18 years of leadership and managerial experience. His track record of successfully restructuring companies within direct marketing, media, manufacturing and other industries stands testament to this fact.

Orange County District Attorney’s staff have accused their boss of making racist comments during a meeting at which he decided not to seek the death penalty and then kicked prosecutors from attending off their cases, according to memos obtained by Voice of OC.

Early Life and Education

Spitzer earned national renown as an attorney general who championed banking corruption investigations, enforced environmental law compliance and won rights for low-wage workers. Known for his aggressive pursuit of corporate abuses, he gained the nickname of the “Sheriff of Wall Street.”

Lyman Spitzer started working on what would become one of the world’s most celebrated scientific instruments in 1977: the Hubble Space Telescope. His groundbreaking research on interstellar matter contributed significantly to shaping three major areas of astrophysics.

Today, Spitzer specializes in probate litigation and civil matters ranging from will contests, trust disputes and guardianship cases to personal injury litigation and Board Certified Personal Injury Trial Law certification. His litigation experience spans hundreds of cases; in particular contested wills, trusts and guardianship disputes as well as personal injury litigation cases. As an accomplished author he has written numerous articles including “Genrativity Scripts in Prison Circles” and “Security and Control in Capitalist Society.” He earned both degrees at McGill University (B.A) and Harvard Law School (JD 1984).

Professional Career

Stephen Spitzer specializes in personal injury and probate litigation, representing clients involved with disputes related to wills, trusts, guardianships and heirship. Over his long career he has handled complex and unique cases for these clients.

Since 1992, Ramey & Flock partner Stephen Jones has been offering legal assistance in Tyler. With extensive personal injury trial law expertise and Board Certification status from Personal Injury Trial Law Board of Certification. Furthermore, he is a proud member of American Board of Trial Advocates.

He has been volunteering at North Park Village Nature Center for more than 10 years, sharing his love of reptiles with children. Additionally, he enjoys golf as a form of relaxation. Philanthropy is something close to his heart as well; working to provide housing solutions for seniors.

Achievement and Honors

Prior to Barack Obama becoming president, Spitzer served as New York Attorney General with conviction and success; fighting banking corruption while championing low-paid workers’ rights. Since leaving office he has pursued careers as a television host and real estate developer; running for office of NYC Comptroller but losing.

His research in astronomy led to the creation of the Spitzer Space Telescope and many grants and programs he led as principal investigator, such as Cygnus-X Legacy Surveys.

Spitzer has taught at universities, winning various awards. While serving as president of Gonzaga University, he expanded the school’s programs in faith, ethics, service, and leadership – while founding the Magis Center to produce teaching and learning materials for Catholic schools.

Personal Life

Long before America took to Barack Obama, Eliot Spitzer was known for being New York’s hard-hitting attorney general – fighting banking corruption and winning rights for low-paid workers while simultaneously building his reputation as an effective leader who ultimately became governor.

Spitzer’s legal practice encompasses personal injury and civil litigation with an emphasis in disability law (workers’ comp and social security). As a shareholder of Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer, P.A. and member of Middlesex County Bar Association as well as New Jersey State and National Organization of Social Security Claimant Representatives bar associations he offers his expertise to his clients.

TipRanks, an online investing tool for private investors, features him on its board of directors. In terms of community involvement and charitable activities, he has long been active. Volunteer work includes leading men’s circles within prison settings. Furthermore, several articles regarding prison reform and crime control have been written by him as well.

Net Worth

Once out of district attorney’s office in the early 90s, Spitzer found employment with multiple New York law firms before ultimately becoming Attorney General and earning a fearsome reputation within financial services for his fierce opposition to corruption.

After his resignation in 2008 over his prostitution scandal, Spitzer operated as a private practice attorney while also making real estate investments and collecting rental income from several of his father’s properties.

Spitzer persuaded a consulting firm to sign a contract that, at first glance, required it to purchase Peregrine software for purported resale to an end-user. But before any payment obligations were fulfilled by actual transactions with an end user closed by him or herself.

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