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Stephen Thacker – A Lifelong CDC Steward

Uncover more about Stephen Thacker by accessing public records relating to him – his family history, address history, education history and more can all be unearthed here.

Thacker, an unemployed plumber’s helper, abducted and murdered Laci Dawn Hill at her Bixby home after responding to an internet ad seeking to sell it pool table. To evade arrest he shot both a wrecker driver and Missouri man.

Early Life and Education

Steven Ray Thacker was found guilty by a jury last week and sentenced to death for stabbing Dyersburg businessman Ray Patterson during the Christmas-New Year’s holiday of 2000.

Thacker is also a much-beloved family man and enthusiastic sports fan; he coaches his daughter’s high school girls basketball team. Additionally, he’s dedicated to managing CDC programs with integrity while investing in training future public health workers as the future of public health.

Kelly and Strawn weren’t successful in gathering sympathetic testimony during the trial due to Thacker’s demand that none of his family or friends testify for them. Furthermore, no neuropsychological evaluation was ever provided which would have allowed them to argue he had reduced capacity.

Professional Career

Thacker was an outstanding champion of CDC programs, working tirelessly to ensure their viability, credibility, and scientific rigor. Additionally, he was known for his dedication and support of trainees – the future of public health.

On his first day as an investigator for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Thacker was sent to Philadelphia in order to investigate an unexplained outbreak at an American Legion convention. Subsequently, he became famous by correctly diagnosing Legionnaires’ disease as the source.

Judge at February hearing on Thacker’s request for post-conviction relief asked if anyone could testify about his mental state when committing the murders. Kimberly Bowen who shared a home with Thacker from 1994-1997 testified about seeing periods when Thacker would become hyper-excited but never violent or break into other people’s homes.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Thacker dedicated himself tirelessly to building Next Generation Scaffold Services into one of the industry leaders, now known as Next Gen Scaffold Services. His dedication to quality and improvement was evident from his early days as an apprentice laborer through leadership in sales and management positions. Furthermore, Steve earned a graduate degree in business studies which has enabled him to lead changes within the scaffolding industry.

Thacker was an advocate of public health science and its practitioners at CDC throughout his career, supporting public health surveillance, meta-analysis, infectious disease research, environmental hazards assessment and sport injuries among many other topics. A true public health hero and family man who believed in social justice while treating all with respect.

Personal Life

Thacker was an indefatigable advocate for epidemiology and public health surveillance throughout his 37-year tenure at the CDC. He supported efforts to identify, implement and disseminate innovative scientific methodologies and technologies; while simultaneously advocating for creating a global public health workforce.

Thacker was much more than an unsympathetic killer of Dyersburg businessman Ray Patterson; he was also a loving family man, friend and coach of girls’ basketball. Married and father to both daughter and grandson; loved fishing and hunting, playing basketball as both player and coach (according to his eldest daughter); before his execution started at 6 pm local time on December 7, 2009 Trammell issued the order for it all to take place.

Net Worth

Steve Thacker has an estimated net worth of $60,000. As the Managing Director and Partner at Verdence, his responsibilities include investment policy formulation, asset allocation decisions, investor due diligence processes and portfolio management. Additionally, Steve possesses skills in alternative dispute resolution methodologies like collaborative law which are available from his firm located in Clearwater, Florida.

Thacker was charged with killing Dyersburg wrecker Ray Patterson as one of three killings he carried out between Christmas and New Year’s 1999, before receiving death sentences in Oklahoma and life sentences without parole in Missouri for these offenses. Prison officials stated he visited with clergy and family before being put to death – leaving his wife and two children to mourn his passing as an accomplished basketball coach and loving parent.

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