Steve Thornton

Steve Thornton is a Partner at Barnes & Thornburg and an Orthopedic Surgeon

Steve offers his clients-first approach when representing buyers, sellers and investors in commercial real estate transactions. He specializes in representing shopping center developers with large box tenant anchor lease negotiations.

His research encompasses laboratory, field and modeling studies on natural attenuation processes in soil and groundwater; environmental fate, transport and degradation of organic contaminants in dual porosity aquifers; as well as landfill leachate management.

Early Life and Education

Steve Thornton specializes in orthopedic surgery and employs advanced arthroscopic techniques to treat shoulder and knee injuries. Additionally, he serves on the Barnes & Thornburg Board of Directors.

He grew up in Bedford-Stuyvesant and attended John Adams High School. As an avid video game and skateboarding player, his passion lies with psychology as well. Additionally, he counts Steph Curry and Reggie Miller among his favorite athletes.

He has led multiple union organizing campaigns in Connecticut over the past 35 years, training hundreds of workers in nonviolent direct action and building solidarity connections to working people’s struggles worldwide. He believes history lies “right under our feet,” with every great movement having some local component.

Professional Career

Steve Thornton has worked with numerous businesses and facilitated workshops. Leveraging his extensive experience and tools to drive change to achieve results for business owners, teams and executives. He assists them with strategic planning, project scoping and planning, action plans for follow up follow up and process improvement.

Numerous witnesses testified to having worked with Thornton previously without any issues, as well as his character and reputation in Warren County as proof of his honesty and integrity.

Thornton was accused of violating four provisions of the Kentucky Rules of Professional Conduct while representing Jennifer Batts, including SCR 3.130-1.4 (failure to keep client reasonably informed and respond quickly to reasonable requests for information), and SCR 3.130-1.7 (conflict of interest representing current client). Thornton received a private admonition from the Kentucky Bar in April 2007, but has since been reinstated to practice law in Kentucky.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Thornton played an instrumental role in helping the Belfast Giants win three trophies during his time as player/coach, and has now been nominated for the 2022 Euro Hockey League Club of the Year award alongside Finnish champions Tappara, Czech club HC Ocelari Trinec and Swiss champs EV Zug.

He has published and co-published scientific articles covering a range of orthopedic surgery topics, such as shoulder ligament reconstruction in throwing athletes, cartilage transplantation, total knee arthroplasty and arthroscopic rotator cuff repair.

He is also the founder and director of Forces Cars Direct (FCD), which offers exclusive discounted sales of new and pre-owned vehicles to current members of Armed Forces as well as veterans. FCD has won multiple accolades such as English Veterans Awards’ Veterans Business of the Year Award.

Personal Life

As a union organizer and community activist, Steve Thornton has developed strong bonds of solidarity between workers in Havana, Belfast, and Managua. His training of hundreds in nonviolent direct action as well as thousands more as rank-and-file leaders has proven instrumental to their work in those places.

He has published over 30 scientific articles and books covering everything from throwing shoulder injuries to total knee arthroplasty. Additionally, he serves on the editorial board of Journal of Arthroscopy.

Steve is an active member of Wooster Noon Lions Club and has held many leadership roles within its association. These have included being District Governor, Multiple District Council Chairperson, District GMT Membership Chairman and New Club Development Consultant – not to mention being honored with a Progressive Melvin Jones Fellow status.

Net Worth

Thornton has become an ardent proponent for research and treatment for melanoma since being diagnosed. He works closely with organizations like Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest to educate others that melanoma is much more than skin cancer.

Ralph Guthrie hired Thornton in 2000 to represent him in the estate of his deceased son’s car accident death, after receiving an insurance settlement of $460 from insurance. Thornton charged an extra $460 without providing an explanation as required under SCR 3.130-1.1 which requires attorneys to provide legal knowledge, skill, thoroughness and preparation “reasonably necessary for representation”. It remains unknown if Guthrie understood he wasn’t being kept “reasonably informed”.

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