Steve Travers

Real Estate Agent Steve Travers

Steve Travers is an energetic real estate agent with a deep dedication to his profession. He takes the time to get acquainted with each client before helping them find their ideal home.

He is an active member of both USC NorCal Trojan Club and Hollywood Congress of Republicans, worshipping at Christ Lutheran Church as well as tutoring foreign students and jail inmates.

Early Life and Education

Steve Travers was born in Carrick on Suir, Ireland and raised by both parents; one was a lawyer and track coach while his other mother was an accomplished artist. Steve’s family fought during the American Revolutionary War before migrating during the Gold Rush period.

He is a proud member of both the USC NorCal Trojan Club and Hollywood Congress of Republicans, as well as Riviera Circle Lake Club Board and Winter Park Ski Meisters Guide Program.

He is known for writing books about sports and the military. His book Barry Bonds: Baseball’s Superman was nominated for a Casey Award in 2002. Additionally, he has covered California high school football history and written extensively on both subjects.

Professional Career

Since then, he has become Director of Healthcare Services for UK-based Civitas Investment Management, overseeing healthcare investments worth more than PS2bn. Additionally, he serves on the board of directors for Pathways Care Group which offers healthcare services.

Travers has written multiple books. Additionally, he is a highly successful real estate professional specializing in luxury residential properties such as lakefront homes. Additionally, Travers is a member of USC NorCal Trojan Club and Hollywood Congress of Republicans as well as volunteering as an English tutor for foreign students and jail inmates.

He has also written scripts for movies, with his first effort purchased by Paramount Pictures in 1992. Between mid and late 1994 in Hermosa Beach he worked on both a war movie script as well as writing a coming-of-age story; Barry Bonds: Baseball’s Superman received nomination for a Casey Award nomination in 2002.

Achievement and Honors

Travers pursued his Hollywood dream for several years during the mid-to-late 90s by living in Hermosa Beach and writing screenplays that would later make their way onto cinema screens. He wrote both war and coming-of-age films as part of this attempt at screenwriting success.

He currently serves as District Manager of The Square with Related Southeast, overseeing all business operations such as parking, food & beverage sales & services, operations management & guest services. With more than four decades of leadership experience in hospitality management.

CSM Travers has garnered several impressive commendations during his Army career, such as receiving two Oak Leaf Clusters on his Bronze Star Medal and numerous service medals. Additionally, he completed three tours of duty and is an active member of USC NorCal Trojan Club as well as Christ Lutheran Church in San Francisco, California.

Personal Life

Travers is an active member of Toronto and takes great pride in his city. He encourages tourists to stop on Queen Street West to admire the cast-iron gargoyles on buildings lining it – they represent a “hidden treasure”, according to him.

He suggests visiting the Grainger Museum for an educational history lesson and keeping an eye out for Corinthian columns on buildings downtown that could provide clues as to where the Miami Showband massacre took place. As a fan of music himself, he has written 15 screenplays/teleplays including Rock & Roll Heaven and The Lost Battalion.

He’s a member of the Ontario Guild of Town Criers and regularly reads proclamations statements at municipal events, charity cries for fundraisers and commercial cries to announce new business openings. At competitions he competes against other criers for People’s Choice awards; his use of humor distinguishes him from others who use their huge booming voices to stand out.

Net Worth

YouTube sensation Aaron Brandt boasts over 1.1 million subscribers who tune in regularly for his training and fitness videos on the platform. Furthermore, he’s an accomplished bodybuilder having won both IFBB Houston Pro competitions twice.

Christopher has written 15 screenplays, teleplays and stage plays – such as Bandit (an America’s Best quarterfinalist), The Lost Battalion (an account of World War I’s Argonne Offensive unit) and Baja California – that have been produced and performed at both colleges nationwide as well as at Pasadena Quarterback Club near Rose Bowl.

Travers has helped Gahanna win its second league championship ever this year despite facing up to 40 shots per game. Coach Kevin Schodorf often compares Travers with goaltender Dominik Hasek – his favorite goalie. Travers however is unfazed by such comparisons and does not take offence at them.

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