Steve Waddell

A Tribute to Steve Waddell

Steven Waddell specializes in immersive media development with an emphasis on virtual and augmented reality. His expertise includes Unity3d and various game engines; furthermore he teaches a course in higher education on immersive media development.

He possesses an extraordinary background, making him an exceptional leader and business strategist. At BCG he holds core membership for their Health Care, Marketing Sales Pricing Practices as well as People & Organization practices.

Early Life and Education

Professor Waddell of USMA specializes in military and digital history, garnering many accolades and awards for his work. Additionally, he co-founded Catalyst2030 which promotes transformation systems as key infrastructure to drive deep change; serving as mentor and advisor to students enrolled at USMA.

He was an attentive husband and father who never missed an event for their concert, event or school activity. A natural problem-solver, he worked in blue chip companies before volunteering his services at a Welsh-based parenting charity helping separated parents reunify with each other. A true leader who always tried to see the bigger picture while being an inspiration to many; known for his kindness he will be greatly missed by many people.

Professional Career

Steve Waddell is an Associate Professor of History at the United States Military Academy where he specializes in World War II and digital history courses, while also serving as Officer-in-Charge of Cadet Wargames Club. His areas of interest include US Army logistics, warfare history and military history research.

Jesse is a founding member of BCG’s Health Care, Marketing, Sales & Pricing and People & Organization practices. He has led various strategic commercial topics within life sciences for BCG; most recently he is managing global biopharma sales for their firm.

He is also the creator of The SDG Transformations Forum, an expanding network of organizations and locales working to build transformation systems as essential infrastructure for deep change. Additionally, he has written extensively on societal learning and audacious change through Global Action Networks.

Achievement and Honors

Waddell credits his success to New Zealanders’ support. He credits Geoff Crawshaw with blessing the boat before it left for London, as well as their sponsors such as NZ Rowing, Mighty River Power, Telecom, adidas and Oakley sunglasses.

While attending Iowa State on a basketball scholarship, he noticed many of his teammates were academically ineligible despite their best efforts. So he developed a tutoring program to fill any gaps and help them succeed academically. Since then, he has continued working closely with BOLD Learning Community at Iowa State and seen first-hand what impact his efforts have made.

Yellowstone Art Museum in Billings recognized his contributions with an Award of Excellence. This award honors philanthropists and artists who have provided long-term support.

Personal Life

Steve Waddell was a man of many interests and talents. An avid sports fan who also trained horses and classic cars, Steve also was an attentive husband and grandfather – never missing an event featuring his children or grandchildren’s activities or performances.

He volunteered for various community organizations and mentored many young people in Minnesota and North Dakota. Steve enjoyed hunting pheasant and deer in North Dakota and fishing Minnesota’s lakes for trout; he was an avid Vikings and Twins fan as well. Steve was known for his quick wit, charisma and laughter; his family and friends will deeply miss his presence – LeAnn is survived by two sons of theirs who will cherish his memory.

Net Worth

Waddell serves as lead staff of the SDG Transformations Forum, which develops systems of people, organizations and locales that foster deep change through strategic direction and long-term visioning. He facilitates diverse groups to work together towards collaborative action while facing complex issues ranging from paradox, complexity and scale head on.

Waddell’s work with NGOs centers on the role transformations play in building resilience and sustainability, and believes a sustainable future can only be realized with cooperation between multiple actors, sectors, and stakeholders in creating adaptive capacities.

Father and grandfather to three, he took great pleasure in participating in their activities as much as possible and always showed his affection by hunting outdoors or spending time with them.

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