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The Tao of Steve Yin

Steve yin is an innovative researcher and tech entrepreneur in the areas of wireless circuit/speech/audio technologies, having published over 100 journal, conference papers, US/China patents in this field. Additionally, he co-founded and serves as company representative of PolyU-Innovation Technology(HK)Audio and Speech Signal Processing Joint Laboratory; with extensive research & development, product development experience as well as business management skills.

Early Life and Education

Steve Yin was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. After attending school and teaching and running a child care center before attending law school. While at law school he clerked for a federal judge before working as a tax attorney. Finally he joined the University of Florida faculty where he later served as Chief of Staff to the Joint Committee on Taxation.

Yin was also involved with founding several companies in Silicon Valley, such as Octel Communications (the world’s leading provider of voice-messaging products); Resumix, Inc (inventor of Web-based personnel recruiting applications); and Laszlo Systems (a provider of complex Internet applications to Global 2000 companies and telecom service operators). Today he teaches geology courses at Arizona State University (ASU), conducts field trips for public outreach purposes throughout Southwest National and State parks, as well as public lands;

Professional Career

Yin has dedicated much of his career to technology, specifically software and information. He co-founded EarlyIQ, Inc, a hosted information and analytics provider. Additionally, Yin possesses significant senior and executive management experience with packaged software sales, marketing and development as well as having provided consulting services to both private and public organizations on labor and employment law matters.

He has conducted macroeconomic analyses of tax legislation for the American Law Institute, Congressional Budget Office and Joint Committee on Taxation. Furthermore, he has coordinated projects aimed at simplifying federal income tax law regarding corporate-shareholder transactions.

Counsels businesses of all sizes across a wide variety of industries in matters related to business formation, strategic transactions and taxation. He drafts HR policies and procedures tailored specifically for each client’s business and personnel requirements as well as offering advice and counsel regarding incentive-based compensation, salaries, commission schedules, deferred compensation agreements and severance benefits.

Achievement and Honors

Yin was instrumental in creating EducationUSA China, one of the first programs of its kind established by an Embassy and now used as a model by other offices of EducationUSA. Furthermore, he has a long track record of supporting scholarships and higher education programs as well as foundations on both sides of Taiwan Strait.

Dr. Tang was a founding donor of Academia Sinica’s Tang Prizes, awarded for research excellence in Sustainable Development, Biopharmaceutical Science, and Sinology. Additionally, his major gifts to TSRI will enable new state-of-the-art buildings that consolidate labs on campus while encouraging collaboration among scientists.

SEG’s Honors and Awards Committee invites nominations of individuals or organizations deserving special recognition for outstanding contributions to geophysics. Nominations should be submitted no later than 1 January in order for consideration by this committee.

Personal Life

Making movies about overweight characters is rarely an easy feat, yet The Tao of Steve manages it flawlessly. Thanks to Donal Logue’s charisma and subtle dialogue, audiences easily identify with Donal and Steve.

In 1992, Dr. Yin published her Small Animal Veterinary Nerdbook as a popular resource for both students and practitioners in veterinary studies and practice. Since then she has gone on to produce Level Up 108, Flexibility & Beyond and Yoga 30 for 30 among other highly popular DVDs.

Joe and Steve revisit their fun childhood antics, leading them down memory lane about why they both should have died given their passion for lighting fires. Following this they take some DMs from fans with some really important queries and provide invaluable advice.

Net Worth

According to Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Yin is estimated to be worth an estimated $33 billion. He recently faced several issues related to Chinese regulators that forced him to lay low temporarily.

Still, he remains one of the richest Asians worldwide and his net worth reportedly surpasses even that of Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

Recently, Yin donated $12.8 million to Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla to build a major laboratory complex and save money through consolidation of research space. She hopes the facility will also bring in international researchers as part of a $1 billion pledge made anonymously from another donor.

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