Steve Zubkoff

Steve Zubkoff

Steve Zubkoff is a police officer for the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office in South Carolina and also participates in Community Action Team and Bike Patrol activities. Additionally, he holds certifications in dive team, SRT, COPS grant administration.

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Early Life and Education

Zubkoff received his Bachelor’s degree from Charleston Southern University and graduated with Cum Laude. Since graduating Cum Laude he has worked with the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office of South Carolina on their SRT Team, Dive Team, Bicycle Patrol as well as being certified as both COPS Grant Officer and Field Training Officer.

An adjunct instructor of economics at Columbia College and member of the American Economics Association. Featured in Marquis Who’s Who in America as well as being selected as a delegate for the White House Summit on Inflation.

There are currently three people named Steve Zubkoff living in the US. Their ages range from 31-57 and public records contain their phone numbers, social media profiles, relatives’ details, photos and videos.

Professional Career

Steve Zubkoff has extensive experience in the development and financing of sustainable communities in the US, South Africa and Mexico. He has advised and funded multiple billion-dollar real estate and start up technology company transactions; his education includes a Bachelor of Science from Charleston Southern University.

Since 2014, he has been with the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office serving as a Corporal. He is part of COPS Grant team, Dive team and LEBA bike patrol – also boasting certification in several aspects of law enforcement.

His family is well-known in Miami Beach for their real estate and business developments, having built numerous luxury condominium buildings there and supporting local politicians throughout their time there.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Zubkoff has achieved professional and personal success through numerous community initiatives and charitable causes. Since 2014 he has been part of the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office starting as Pfc before being promoted to Sergeant by 2016. Zubkoff holds certification with dive team, LEBA bike patrol, Special Response Team (SRT) as well as being recruited into BCSO for recruitment purposes.

He has received multiple awards and recognitions for his law enforcement work, while also making donations to EFF on multiple occasions, which help fund its digital civil liberties initiatives and research.

Personal Life

Steve Zubkoff can be seen on various television series such as “The Count” and “Criminal Minds.” Additionally, he is an actor. Steve and his wife currently reside in South Carolina’s Berkeley County with two children each and work as police officers there.

He holds certifications as a Public Safety and Rescue Diver, LEBA Bike Patrol Member, SRT Team Member and COPS Grant Team Member; additionally he serves as an instructor at Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office Training Academy.

Public records reveal that he lives in California, South Carolina and Vermont with his two children and one dog. Additionally, he owns an alpaca/llama farm in Jericho Vermont as well as being executive chairman of Associated Financial Inc – a vertical real estate investment trust and mortgage bank he founded himself.

Net Worth

He is a highly motivated content creator who makes an impressive amount of money from social media channels and endorsement deals with popular brands that pay him handsomely.

He graduated from a public school in Florida and is now well-known as an internet celebrity. Additionally, he remains close to both of his parents, whom he supports financially; and currently dates his high school sweetheart Celina through Instagram modelling.

The couple creates videos for social media that are highly-appreciated by their fans, including giveaways to reward their followings. He is particularly active on YouTube where he regularly uploads challenge films which has garnered him an extensive fan following.

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