Steven Ariel

Steven Ariel

Steven Ariel is currently serving as chef de cuisine of Trace at the W Hotel in Seattle, having previously been executive chef at French bistro Luc in the same location.

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Early Life and Education

Steven Ariel has become one of the foremost jazz pianists worldwide. Her albums have received critical acclaim both from critics and her fan base alike, while she has recorded with artists like Veronica Swift, Chad Eby and bassist Steve Haines.

She has written her memoir entitled “Ariel: A Story of Love and Survival in the Post-apocalyptic World”, which can be purchased online.

Pete and Ariel, two magical familiars who can only interact as such, roam across the Southeast until a necromancer from New York City begins hunting them down for their horns.

Professional Career

Steven Ariel is the Head Chef at Eataly Toronto. He oversees a team of chefs de cuisine, sous chefs and line cooks. In addition, Steven collaborates with various culinary experts in developing new dishes for Eataly Toronto’s menu.

Formerly, he served as President of Madison Square Garden Sports Corp and its three professional basketball teams. Since he has been actively involved with the NBA for 16 years in various capacities.

Rogers has made his mark on the mutual fund industry. Her firm owns significant shares in exchange-traded funds and advocates for greater racial diversity on blue-chip boards. Furthermore, Rogers founded and designed curriculum at Ariel Community Academy that emphasizes financial literacy; additionally he covers some students’ college tuition expenses through this initiative.

Achievement and Honors

Ariel has performed on several concert tours throughout North America, Asia and Europe and earned several accolades; these include 1st Prize at the International Johannes Brahms Competition; two Western Canadian Music Awards; and a Juno nomination. His captivating tone and technical skill has captured audiences everywhere he performs.

TRACE Executive Chef Steven Ariel marries fine dining to farmer-hood. Growing up on a macadamia nut and coffee farm in Hawaii taught him the value of using fresh local ingredients, inspiring his straightforward cooking style that honors ingredients at their peak.

Honors and Awards Committee of SEG solicits nominations from members for deserving individuals or organizations to honor at its Annual Meeting. Nominations must be received before their respective deadline to allow sufficient investigation and deliberation within the committee.

Personal Life

Steven Ariel is an American-born attorney currently participating in the Firm’s North America Litigation and Government Enforcement Practice Groups. Prior to joining us, Steven clerked for Honorable Robert G. Doumar of the US District Court for Virginia Eastern District.

Before joining TRACE, Ariel was the Chef de Cuisine of French Bistro Luc in Seattle and spent 11 years as Chef de Cuisine of Alan Wong’s restaurants in Hawaii including Cafe Juanita and The Pineapple Room.

In 2021, he released an album on Ropeadope Records showcasing his distinct approach to harmonica playing. His melodies draw upon European jazz traditions as well as Middle Eastern melodies, inspiring both rhythmic and tonal components. Since then he has collaborated with musicians both in New York and Israel such as Reggie Workman, Miki Gavrielov and Anat Cohen – among many others.

Net Worth

Understanding your net worth is vitally important to financial wellbeing. Your net worth represents the total value of all of your assets minus liabilities – such as cash, stocks and investments, your home, car and checking account funds.

Ariel Winter holds over five real estate properties which generate rent income for her, as well as over $4 Million in bank deposits and government bonds where she reaps interest and dividend payments.

Ariel borrowed $2 Million several years ago for business expansion needs and venture into media industry, and has since fully paid back her debt. She lives in an impressive house which boasts 7 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms; owns 6 cars; and even boasts her own yacht!

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